Overwatch Year of the Ox celebrates Lunar New Year
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February 4, 2021

Overwatch Year of the Ox celebrates Lunar New Year

Blizzard just released its Overwatch Lunar New Year celebration for 2021 with the Year of the Ox event. It features Bounty Hunter, a brand new game mode, alongside new challenges and cosmetics.

After the January 28 update focused on fixing meta problems, Blizzard now offers more content to casual players. From February 4 all the way through February 25, players can enjoy a different atmosphere inside the game.

Overwatch Bounty Hunter

Even though Capture the Flag is a part of this event, Overwatch’s developers added a completely new arcade mode. In Bounty Hunter, killing players becomes a hard choice as the killer becomes the next target. It’s a high-rhythm elimination game that makes for very entertaining rounds.

Of course, killing the target grants more points than a regular takedown. While players might be cautious at the beginning of these games, they will start to be more courageous as time goes on. After the Overwatch Year of the Ox event ends, the Bounty Hunter mode will join the standard Arcade rotation.

2021 Overwatch Lunar Celebration new Bounty Hunter Arcade mode

Image Credits to Blizzard

Year of the Ox

With such an event comes a plethora of weekly challenges, granting players festive skins, player icons, and sprays. To max out their rewards, Overwatch players will have to play nine games each week on either Competitive, Quick Play, or Arcade game modes.

Eight skins are now available with five of them being legendary. Orisa’s Bull Demon Legendary skin perfectly represents Lunar New Year’s Year of the Ox. In addition, Widowmaker now has a pure white skin with an ivory weapon. Three new hero introductions are also added to the game, Fan Dance, Finale, and Shining Bull.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Year of the Ox celebration event is already available on consoles and PC and will last until February 25.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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