Panda Releases Teams and Players in July Roster Changes
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July 16, 2021

Panda Releases Teams and Players in July Roster Changes

Esports brand Panda, one of the biggest names in grassroots esports and the fighting game community (FGC), shared today that it will part ways with multiple teams and players in its 2021 roster changes.

Panda Esports Roster Changes

Revealed this morning on social media, the company stated that it needed to make cuts to keep growing. Looking towards new communities and titles meant dropping back on some of Panda’s existing endeavors. While the newer additions did not get named, Panda spoke on which games it will cease operations on. Mortal Kombat, Smash 64, Pokemon, Card Games, Rivals of Aether, and Soul Calibur are leaving Panda’s esports team offerings.

Unfortunately, because the games and titles are leaving, Panda will also release the relevant players and teams it signed to each. “Fullstream”, “Prince”, “Hayatei”, “BNBBN”, “Cybertron”, “Akamarured”, “SKD”, “Shen Chan”, and “Wolfey” are now free agents not under Panda.

Panda Global releases esports teams and players in July 2021 roster changes.

Image credit to Panda Global.

Panda Global

Alan Bunney, CEO and Cofounder of Panda, even shared personalized words for the July 2021 roster changes. The team also noted that “Kitana Prime” and “RayC” are also no longer signed to a team. Instead, they will now work directly with Panda in staff positions. It’s likely fans will still see content from these two in future productions and events.

“Today, we say farewell to our former Pandas and wish them all the best of luck for the future,” Panda stated. “While we can never replace these phenomenal talents and the memories we’ve made together, we hope that you’ll look forward to seeing all of the exciting things Panda has in store for the future.”

As one of the biggest organizations fielding rosters and times for grassroots esports, Panda’s roster changes are disappointing for fans but could lead to better opportunities in the future. More popular teams like Smash Ultimate, Smash Melee, Street Fighter V, and more will operate normally. FGC and grassroots esports fans should stay tuned to see what Panda brings after these changes.

Written by Justin Amin

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