Playfull raises $3 million for their new platform
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September 20, 2019

Playfull raises $3 million for their new platform

Playfull is a California based company that focuses on creating a platform that can track and analyze player performance across several popular esports games.

The information given by the player is then processed. Synthesizing-gameplay performance, redemption behavior, and demographic data are all used to train a propriety-machine learning engine. As a result, players’ donation of time and effort,  ends in rewards given after completion of the task.

Playfull started working with restaurant brands to bring in the gaming audience. Big names like Coca Cola, Spotify, Dreamhack, and ESL are all partnered with the company. As of the moment, players may link their League of Legends account to the early-access app. Once finished, players will only need to play games to earn rewards.

Playfull’s pitch

CEO Patrick Lu is a neuroscience expert. He figured out a method to reward players as well as gather information. Especially since the gaming industry is expanding, its community day-after-day and the growing value of gaming itself gets bigger and bigger.

Patrick Lu came up with the idea that gamers didn’t have to sacrifice time for gaming without any payout, that’s why he started the Playfull company.

GamesBeat interviewed Lu:

“We’re all gamers,” Lu tells GamesBeat. “And the reason why we started Playfull is because we as gamers have always felt guilty for playing games, especially coming from an Asian household you are told you need to be a doctor or lawyer or something. Our mission is to build a world where play has a purpose. Coming from neuroscience, we know that play is so good for you. You learn faster, you learn strategy, resource management, and you make friends. …This is the purpose of why we started this company. You know that games are great, but they don’t help your real life unless you’re a pro esports player. 99.9% of gamers aren’t good enough. And so what we want to do is help gamers improve their lives through doing something they love.”

Earning while Playing

Patrick Lu thinks that there is huge potential for creating a platform that helps players earn money while they play. In the process, Patrick has caught the world’s eye as investors flock in with over $3 million being invested in the platform. Mainly to expand its tournament aspect, which lets players play for cash and other rewards in daily tournaments.

Playfull has quite a team as well: Riot and Disney veteran leaders, Former CTO of Roblox, Keith Lucas; Former chief operating officer of Kabam, Chris Carvalho; Former CEO of Nielsen Entertainment, Andy Wing; and Mike Vorhaus of Vorhaus advisors. All joining the project.

The company is partnering with top consumer brands to expand its audience attraction. The money that was invested will also be used to grow its sales and production teams while strengthening its propriety-machine learning rewards engine.

Benefits for the Esports Industry

Rewards can range from gift cards, free meals and even cash. This will give gamers the idea that having fun can also be rewarded, which will bring even more people into the ever-growing platform.

The platform gives the gaming community a little something to look forward to: a new rising platform where players can benefit from their gaming expertise without having to be a professional player. Especially when the gaming industry is flourishing every single day.

Even gaming communities and future projects in the industry may benefit from the information it gathers.

If it continues to deliver what it promises, Playfull’s new platform may be a successful hit.

Written by Luna

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