Pros, Cons, Thoughts on Apex’s Solos and Iron Crown Event
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August 17, 2019

Pros, Cons, Thoughts on Apex’s Solos and Iron Crown Event

Apex Legends has once again come to the forefront of gaming since Respawn launched Solo Mode and The Iron Crown event.

New Solo Mode

Previously, games of Apex Legends consisted of 20 teams of 3. Solos, as the name suggests, is a 60 person free-for-all mode. The objective of the game remains the same: be the last one standing by eliminating your competition.

There are plenty of pros and cons to solo mode. For me, a con is that I can’t jump on my friends back and have them carry me to victory. Conversely, when I’m not playing with my friends, I don’t have to rely on random players who might not be as skilled or are having an “off” night. That’s definitely a pro for me.

Solos is a mode that has been asked for since the launch of the game and it has been relatively well-received. There are two main complaints from the community: 

  • Cheaters and hackers — This has been a problem for Apex for a while. Whether it be teaming up in solo mode or hacking the game to give you auto-aim or extreme speed. You can report these people but it’s still something you wish you didn’t have to deal with.
  • Lack of diversity in the “meta” — Everyone plays Pathfinder. Mainly because of his mobility and out-playability (I know it’s not a word, but we’re dropping with it boys!). He has the ability to turn a firefight to his favor very quickly, even if he is losing the fire-fight with his quick repositioning.

He’s all smiles until he sees 59 other Pathfinders dropping with him.

Wait until the endgame. Nothing but zip-lines EVERYWHERE!

On the reverse side, there is an appreciation for Solos. A lot of positive feelings have been seen from players of all skill levels, including professionals like “dizzy” from NRG. 

The NRG pro is digging on Apex Solos!

A lot of people are loving the aspect of not having to deal with random, unreliable teammates and splitting the loot (another aspect of the game which personally I have a hard time with). Because I can be selfish. Because I’m probably too competitive. But that’s a story for another day and probably for a mental health professional.  

The Iron Crown

To go along with the Solo Mode, Respawn has implemented “The Iron Crown” — a new event into the game. This feature gives players a set of tasks to complete for cosmetic rewards like skins. And let me tell you, those new skins look AMAZING! Bangalore’s skin is the only one that seems a bit underwhelming, but the other skins look great. 

Meh. Seems more like a recolor than anything else.


Not only that, Apex is finally getting a second heirloom melee weapon. Bloodhound’s hatchet “Raven’s Bite” —  an immensely appropriate name. A trusty hatchet for the German who looks like he’s straight out of World War I with his mask. 

And bite it will!

There has been some outcry from the Apex Legends community about the price to buy Iron Crown Loot Packs. Sure, you can earn two packs in-game by completing quests – but if you want the best chance to get these items, players are asked to fork over 700 Apex Points per pack. 

There are 24 packs to open. 100 Apex points figures out to be roughly $1. So $7 per loot pack, 24 loot packs in total bringing the poor completionist’s bill to $154 (since you can unlock two by completing the aforementioned quests). For one event, that seems a bit steep for casual players. You REALLY have to work to get these.

I’m very glad that Respawn has introduced Solo Mode for at least a limited time, and sincerely hope they implement it into the game permanently in the future. 

Happy Apexing!


Credit: Michael Schwartz

Catch Mike and his other works on his Twitter @Roomba_gg

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