Psyonix introduces new Rocket League esports with RLCS X
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July 2, 2020

Psyonix introduces new Rocket League esports with RLCS X

Psyonix introduced the future format of Rocket League esports in RLCS X. After being pressured by many teams for real change, the developer and organizer finally answered by proposing a completely reworked Rocket League esports structure.

Even though the regular Rocket League Championship Series had big moments, it was time to move on and evolve. The new RLCS X will be completely different in terms of structure, prize pool, and management. Fans have never seen such changes for Rocket League until now.

RLCS X Format

Psyonix decided to throw away the league format, which was a problem for many teams. As a result, RLCS X is now based on three splits including Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each Split centers around six Regionals Events and a Major to end it. To join a Regional Event, teams will go through Open Qualifiers.

Rocket League esports : RLCS X Format

Image credits to Psyonix

All three Majors throughout the year have a different format. The Fall Split is a 32-team format, while Winter features 24 squads. The Spring Split is the most concentrated tournament with only twenty teams. Prize pools for each Regional Event are $100 thousand. Regarding each Major, teams will fight for a combined prize of $250 thousand.

At the end of the year, the World Championship will gather the top sixteen teams with a $1 million prize pool. In the end, the whole year proposes a total prize pool of $4.5 million.

Rocket League The Grid

Inspired by the motorcycle circuit, Psyonix is creating a weekly tournament ecosystem called The Grid. These events feature top teams fighting for Grid Points, top seeding, prize money, as well as Major spots.

Each RLCS X Split includes nine The Grid tournaments that will dictate seedings for Regional events. Rocket League esports teams fight every week for a $10 thousand prize pool and the chance to directly earn a spot at the Major. The team with the most Grid Points will automatically qualify.

Grid Points are not relevant for World Championship qualifications. But if one team wants to compete in future The Grid events, it needs to perform well and regularly. The top 10 teams will retain their spots while six others will go through a special event to protect their spots. In The Grid events, individual teams can broadcast their performances. This will make it easier for fans to follow their favorites squads in RLCS X.

In the open letter sent by a dozen RLCS teams, it was mentioned that the schedule was a serious problem. A format like this should be more transparent and solve the issue. However, there are still issues of ownership and financial securities to discuss. Right now, Psyonix takes a step in the right direction for Rocket League esports.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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