PUBG Corporation merges with Krafton to PUBG Studio
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December 3, 2020

PUBG Corporation merges with Krafton to PUBG Studio

PUBG Corporation has announced that it’s merged with its parent company, Krafton Inc. Known for developing the famous battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has over a half million concurrent players. The company has officially joined with Krafton Inc. and renamed itself as PUBG Studio.

PUBG partners with KRAFTON.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PUBG Studio

Krafton Inc’s announced merger with its subsidiary, PUBG Corporation, seeks to unite forces and accomplish feats never seen before. Now known as PUBG Studio, the company will continue to support, host, organize and cultivate PUBG and its mobile counterpart. This ranges between the actual game and both competitive scenes only in select countries. Additionally, PUBG Studio aims to develop and expand its battle royale franchise, esports and entertainment business.

Krafton also announced that its two other subsidiary studios, PNIX Inc. and Delusion Studio Inc. have consolidated into a new mobile games studio called RisingWings Inc. Both companies are known for their successful games, with some notable titles like Archery King, Bowling King and Castle Burn. Krafton’s independent studio system seeks to empower its development teams through unique individuality and free-will creation. It also hopes to build and develop unique identities within it.


Krafton and PUBG Conquering Gaming

Among all the battle royale titles globally, PUBG was known for its revolutionary impact on the gaming scene. It brought battle royale games to life and immortalized itself as the standard for the category. Although it’s been through thick and thin because of competition, it’s always stuck around as the natural form of entertainment. Whether it was reaching millions of downloads on Steam or mobile, PUBG has definitely made its mark.

This powerhouse franchise has also defined mobile esports, with it recently announcing a $14 million tournament series. Additionally, its other esports scenes on console or PC have been quite strong, distributing $24 million in prize pool throughout the years.

Overall, PUBG is still going strong on all platforms, despite the falloff due to competition. The new merge means more productivity on both ends, meaning only more news, events, and activities for fans to enjoy. PUBG Studio, a new brand from PUBG Corporation and Kraft Inc. will reshape the scene.

Written by Jay Hunter


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