PUBG Mobile Blackpink event details out
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September 24, 2020

PUBG Mobile Blackpink event details out

PUBG Mobile finally revealed details about its collaborated event with K-pop band Blackpink. The event will completely update in-game features like airplanes, airdrops, billboards, and more. Almost everything will be Blackpink-themed to fit in with the occasion. Additionally, players can earn free cosmetics and goodies by supporting the event, Blackpink and playing during the period. The event lasts from September 20 to November 2.

Blackpink x PUBG Mobile Event

Initially, the PUBG Mobile x Blackpink collaboration was announced nearly a week ago through social media. However, the event details itself weren’t revealed until today. Despite it starting earlier, the full event truly kicks off now. Although the event lasts for over a month, not every feature within will be available throughout the occasion. Players looking to experience everything will need to mark their calendars.

  • Theme visual – September 20 to October 8
  • Lobby music – September 24 to November 2
  • Airplane and Airdrop  – October 2 to November 2
  • Billboard – October 2-8
  • Support event and win goodies – September 24 to October 8
  • Exclusive gift to Blackpink – September 24 to November 2

Players can even support Blackpink and do missions that give them points and rewards. The top supporters of the events will receive a Blackpink-themed PUBG outfit and a signed album. Fans can use Blackpink PUBG Mobile IDs to track the members in-game through codes. Rosé’s ID is 51009801702, while Jennie’s is 51009797582. Lisa is at 51009791380 and Jisoo at 51009780171. All member’s accounts have “PUBGM” at the end of their names and have a PUBG Partner title above their characters.

For over a month, players can listen to K-pop and play PUBG Mobile during this event. With K-pop entering the game, fans can only wonder what’s next for PUBG Mobile as it conquers the mobile gaming scene one track at a time.

Written by Jay Hunter

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