PUBG Mobile Global Esports, PMGC Finals, and 2021 Esports
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January 20, 2021

PUBG Mobile Global Esports, PMGC Finals, and 2021 Esports

James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, discussed multiple topics during a PUBG Mobile Global Championships Finals press conference. James gave his insight on the PMGC Finals, the 2021 esports program, and how the team handles COVID-19. Additionally, he addressed other focus points regarding regional diversity, western markets and cheating.

PMGC Finals and 2021 Esports

Announced months ago, the PMGC was set in stone to be an offline event for fans to attend and join. But after receiving news that three players tested positive for COVID-19 after flying to Dubai, the tournament moved to an isolated competitive stage on a dedicated network server. Because of this, the competition will still be closer to an offline tournament without an audience. With player health and safety as the top priority for the PUBG Mobile team, PMGC Finals commence tomorrow on January 21.

As for the three players, they remain well and have shown no symptoms for now. They are monitored daily and self-quarantined, along with those in close contact with them. They are also equipped with necessary support from the team and medical assistance from health facilities to aid a speedy recovery. Despite the troubling news, the players are still pushing through and will do their best to compete.

Nevertheless, PUBG Mobile will continue to work hard to bring the PGMC Finals as scheduled while ensuring all teams can compete in a safe and fair environment.

PMGC Finals and 2021 Esports Program.

Image credits to PUBG Mobile.

Regarding the 2021 PUBG Mobile esports program, the team doesn’t see the year-long plan slowing down. They’ll continue to keep an eye on COVID-19 and follow health regulations, with half a year of online events. Overall, the team will do their best to bring the esports experience to fans worldwide.

Growth and Western Markets

PUBG, the trend-starter of battle royale games, has had its competitive roots in the industry for years. However, its mobile counterpart has only recently taken off in the past few years, with most of its market in Southeast Asia. Initially kicking off in 2018, the PUBG mobile esports scene grew massively in countries like India, China and South Korea. Thanks to its growth, the mobile competitive scene spread globally, with regional tournaments held around the world.

Most interestingly, PUBG Mobile’s steps into the western market have been quite successful. It includes regional tournaments in Turkey, Brazil and more blossoming. Adamant about growing the western scene, James and his team stated that it would continuously sprout competitions in multiple regions. Slowly but surely, PUBG Mobile esports aims to be the best competitive mobile game title globally.

Additionally, fans need not worry about hacking or cheating in any future online events as the year progresses. The team addressed previous incidents and upgraded all software and tools to identify any suspicious gameplay. Subsequently, more tournaments will be held to prevent any major incidents from happening in upper-level competitions.

Overall, fans can expect the greatest experience coming out from PMGC Finals and PUBG Mobile esports events that’ll occur in 2021, as the team pushes on to provide it.

Written by Jay Hunter


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