PUBG Season 10 introduces The Pillar and Haven map
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December 9, 2020

PUBG Season 10 introduces The Pillar and Haven map

Today, the content of PUBG Season 10 has dropped and features a brand new map called Haven alongside The Pillar, an organization that players will have to hide from.

While this is a busy week for PUBG esports, its developers did not miss the occasion to offer its fanbase new content to play with. In addition, what was added in this update will heavily change how players approach the game, therefore bringing freshness to the battle royale. Within Haven, PUBG survivors must hide now more than ever.

PUBG Season 10

The Pillar Enemy Faction

The Pillar is wandering around Haven and protecting its territory by hunting down all players. To loot caches they are protecting, PUBG players will have to either outsmart them or directly facing these AI characters. However, these new soldiers are equipped with military-grade weapons and armor. What’s more, only Pillar Commanders are holding keys that can unlock these equipment caches.

PUBG Season 10 new Faction: The Pillar

Image credits to PUBG Studio

Deciding to take on such a task while also hunting down other players is a high-risk, high reward strategy. The Pillar also has at its disposal a Tactical Truck featuring machine guns and Scout Helicopters that can be used as reinforcements. These military contractors are going to be hard to miss and force players to hide and think twice about their strategy. Still, it is great to see a change in playstyle over the course of multiple seasons.


Change in playstyle seems to be the common theme of this update. The new map introduced in PUBG Season 10 is called Haven and relies upon verticality. 32 players will spawn in a very dense part of a suburban city.  At sunset, there will a lot of danger coming from the different rooftops of this area. This newly added map works only with Duos or 1-Man Duos.

New PUBG Map: Haven

Image credits to PUBG Studio

This new map includes various different industrial compounds such as a wasteland, chemical manufacturers, a carbon steelworks complex, an overpass, and many more. Of course, PUBG Studio offered players a way to play with that new verticality. Scattered across the map are multiple parachutes that to help move around easily. Players can already try all these new additions on the PC test server and practice before the competition.

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough also features new equipment designed for The Pillar and will last for the next three months. This new PUBG Season 10 releases on December 16 for PC and only the day after for console players.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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