PUBG Season 7 may bring Dinosaurs, Trains, and new Vikendi Map
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April 10, 2020

PUBG Season 7 may bring Dinosaurs, Trains, and new Vikendi Map

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds officially released a teaser towards its coming season 7. PUBG’s teaser video titled Seven hints at an updated map, Vikendi, and a tweaked Dino Park. Additionally, trains are being teased, which raises questions about new vehicles for players to ride. The PUBG Season 7 update brings huge new features that players should look forward to.

The trailer directs hints towards finer speculation for PUBG Season 7 settings. PUBG’s Season 7 trailer starts with a TV playing from afar. As the seconds pass, the screen slowly creeps towards the TV while it emits static noise and shows what appears to be news channels. These channels bounce between each other and as each channel changes, the TV gets louder and stops. The trailer turns dark and fades into a snowy scenery with the PUBG logo centered and concludes the sound of an oncoming train.

PUBG Dinosaurs

Most notably in the teaser video, the snow-covered map Vikendi makes a significant cameo. At the video’s end, PUBG fans get to see snowfall as the trailer ends. In addition to obvious hints for an updated Vikendi, the word “Dino Land” is shown in the trailer, followed by “historic” and “horrible tragedy.” This could mean that Dino Park in the previous Vikendi experienced a disaster, transforming it into “Dino Land.”

Based on this info, could PUBG become a PvPvE battle royale game next season or will the map just receive better attractions? Either way, both possibilities ring a desiring tone to draw players in to play.

Trains, a New Vehicle?

The trailer’s ending plays the sound of a train railing down its tracks and passing by. For the longest time, PUBG players expressed excitement for new vehicle updates. But common sense disagrees when it comes to PUBG receiving a train to ride. More importantly, it could mean that PUBG Season 7’s map gets a new method of transportation. One example is Apex Legends’ Worlds Edge map featuring a train that circles non-stop, providing easy transportation for players. PUBG may adopt the same idea, even enhancing the train’s risk with higher damage if a player gets hit by the train.

A Prehistoric Chill

Overall, the trailer promises new experiences for PUBG players. Since dinosaurs and trains may make their way into PUBG, gamers and fans for PUBG esports are ecstatic. Adding in an updated Vikendi map, the game could be reshaped. With PUBG Season 7 debuting on April 22, the game could change drastically in less than two weeks.

Written by Jay Hunter

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