Rainbow Six Siege Developers Share Updates
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July 23, 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Developers Share Updates

In an official AMA on Reddit yesterday, Rainbow Six Siege developers from Ubisoft came together to address the community’s biggest questions and provide updates to the game.

Rainbow Six Siege

During the AMA forum, fans asked questions about the state of the game and upcoming plans. Answers came consistently and addressed the biggest concerns. One such prominent question asked if Ubisoft and the devs had plans to add new maps instead of reworking old ones. Level Design Director Yann responded, “Now that the competitive map pool is more solid, we will be switching to hybrid mode.” In hybrid mode, Rainbow Six Siege developers will continue reworking old maps but now solidified competitive and esports pools enough to start creating new maps.

A bigger question to the franchise itself asked if the game will remain or Rainbow Six Siege 2 will be developed, similar to Overwatch 2. The answer here directly stated that no plans exist and the focus is to keep growing and updating Siege.

Developer AMA Updates

Rainbow Six Siege developers revealed more information about new game modes too. Rainbow Six Siege will soon get a team deathmatch-like mode called Warmup. This is planned as a simple and short mode for players to practice their aim and gun recoils. Another mode in the works is a Shooting Range to practice the many weapon attachments and interactions with soft walls. Though the Siege devs want more learning tools in the future and couldn’t share dates yet.

Regarding the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3, the team disclosed what the exact updates will be for maps. Clubhouse, Coastline, and Bank will see lots of technical overhauls. Although these won’t be direct reworks, evidently the number of changes will be similar to that of an actual rework. Ensuring the mouse and keyboard players on consoles stay balanced, sharing that cheater reports are handled by humans, and that Twitch will soon get her rework. Rainbow Six Siege devs answered a lot during the Reddit AMA and Ubisoft’s community is more satisfied than ever.

Written by Justin Amin

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