Rainbow Six: Siege esports stars North American League with Canada Division
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May 5, 2020

Rainbow Six: Siege esports stars North American League with Canada Division

Ubisoft announced major plans to change Rainbow Six: Siege esports with a brand new league earlier today. They’re introducing the North American League as they end the Rainbow Six Pro League. Notably, this provides more direct representation for Canadian esports, an important mark for esports news.

Rainbow Six North American League

In North America, there will now be two separate leagues to represent each major region. Canada Division and US Division begin in June with a Season 1 timeline from June 2020 to February 2021, wrapping up with the Six Invitational. Ubisoft also included their Season 2 timeline that runs from 2020 to 2021. Since they’ve planned so far in the future, especially with the nature of the current pandemic, Ubisoft intends for the Rainbow Six North American League to be a permanent esports structure. They’ve even released a FAQ regarding details on the new Rainbow Six esports format addressing many questions from Rainbow Six esports fans.

Rainbow Six: Siege esports North American League timeline for 2020 Season 1

Image credit to Ubisoft.

Evil Geniuses, Luminosity Gaming, and Team Reciprocity, Rainbow Six: Siege’s notable esports teams will also exit the scene. According to Ubisoft, R6 North American League could only sustain eight teams per division, leading organizations to leave. This means some players and teams are still finding difficulties as they exit the Rainbow Six esports scene. Thankfully, Ubisoft also launches the North American Challenger League in June. R6 Challenger League is the path-to-pro structure for top players trying to join the pro scene, similar to Overwatch Contenders. Professional Rainbow Six: Siege esports players who can’t continue will find their spot in Challenger League.

R6 Esports

Rainbow Six: Siege North American League and the Challenger League changes the whole dynamic of R6 esports. Better accessibility, Canadian esports representation, and new changes to keep the five-year-old title fresh. The competition also stays healthy since becoming a pro is easier than before.

“The introduction of the US Division, Canada Division, and their Challenger Leagues in North America represents the biggest evolution for the competitive Rainbow Six Esports landscape in its five-year history,” stated Ubisoft in their announcement. “All three programs make-up the competitive ecosystem that is focused on the long-term health and stability of Rainbow Six Esports in the North America region.”

By providing a better ecosystem for Rainbow Six: Siege esports, Ubisoft aims to solidify R6 esports. Rainbow Six: Siege receives scheduled patches, updates, and hotfixes to ensure the game remains fair for players. Stepping up to help aspiring professionals, organizations, and fans is crucial for any esport trying to stay relevant.

Written by Justin Amin

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