Rainbow Six: Siege patch notes: A new year and season
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March 13, 2020

Rainbow Six: Siege patch notes: A new year and season

March 10 marks the start of Year 5 Season 1 with a Rainbow Six: Siege patch. In approximately 70 gigabytes of an update for PC players and 43 GB for console, Ubisoft brings more to the game than just a few new operators in Operation Void Edge. Here are the major things fans should need to know to start this season right.


  • Gu mines now require a line of sight for visibility, up to 8 meters.
  • Gu mines no longer have damage when triggered, but tick damage increases from 4 to 6.
  • Downed operators no longer take damage from gu mines, even when triggered in this state.


  • Shock Drone spawns with three taser shots (maximum ammo capacity), after which a cooldown system will take place for each shot.
  • Taser shot damage reduced to 1. As a result, Maestro’s Evil Eyes and Jager’s ADS gadget health points are also reduced to 1.


  • Attacking and defending recruits have pre-set loadouts.
  • Attack recruits no longer have the shield or M870.


  • EVo3’s reduced recoil applies only to the first 11 bullets as opposed to the first 16.
  • Increased recoil and spread, but resettle time after burst firing has also been increased.


  • Goyo’s Volcan shields will collapse instead of exploding when fallen on.


  • Smart Glasses cooldown system replaced with charges.
  • Smart Glasses can be activated and deactivated at will, as long as there is 20 percent or more left on the charge.

Operator Price Reductions

  • Mira and Jackal can be bought at 10,000 Renown (240 R6 Credits).
  • Lion and Finka now cost 15,000 Renown (360 R6 Credits).
  • Mozzie and Gridlock are now available for 20,000 Renown (480 R6 Credits).

Not only has Ubisoft been busy balancing operators, but they’ve also been busy reworking maps in the Rainbow Six: Siege patch. Along with the Oregon rework, developers were hard at work implementing improvements to the overall game experience.

Oregon Rework

  • Tower bomb site changed to Kitchen and Meeting Hall.
  • Big Tower and Kitchen are now connected
  • Basement has a new area called Freezer, with Freezer stairs leading up to the first floor.
  • Attic no longer has a ladder leading to Meeting Hall.
  • Small Tower and Dining Hall are now connected by a hallway.

Barricade Debris

  • Breaking barricades with melee attacks creates smaller debris.
  • When barricades are completely destroyed, debris no longer stacks on windows or door frames.
  • DMRs can destroy barricades and soft surfaces more easily with increased destruction rate.

Explosion Damage

  • Shrapnel concepts in explosion damage are introduced to make damage taken more realistic.
  • Destructible objects will not limit explosion damage, making damage received more consistent. On the other hand, damages will be reduced to the operator if an explosion hits destructible objects on its way to the player.
  • Explosions now provide shrapnel holes to better hint at the direction of explosion origin.

Attack Drones

  • Attacking drones in the prep phase will now spawn where the player picked for operator spawn point.

Player Hub

  • Situations and Tutorials can now be found in the new Learning Area in the main menu.

The Rainbow Six: Siege patch includes minor changes too. Among these changes are sound effect improvements and loadout changes for attacking operators. Find all the changes on Ubisoft’s site, including the Rainbow Six: Siege patch notes.

Written by Emily Tang

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