Rainbow Six Siege Twitch may see a rework
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November 13, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch may see a rework

Emilien Lomet, Game Designer on Rainbow Six Siege, responded to a fan on Twitter and revealed the fact that Twitch may receive a rework soon.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game where developers introduce new characters and rework already existing operators. With the metagame constantly changing, some operators who were up to standards ended up needing buffs. That is completely the case for Twitch.

A Tricky Situation

Still, even Emilien Lomet confessed that Twitch’s situation is quite difficult to rework. While responding to a fan on social media, the game designer addresses the fact that the operator needs some changes. Twitch was a really powerful Rainbow Six Siege character a few patches ago but slowly lost relevancy over other operators.


She was supposed to be specialized in intel gathering but her current abilities make her too predictable at a high level. Her special drones are the source of this problem because of their slow movement speed and the fact that they are easy to get rid of. She doesn’t have regular drones to use, therefore relies on her gadget to do the trick. Because other operators can do a better job than her at intel gathering, it is no wonder to see her pick rates decreased.

Twitch Rework

Twitch has seen a power creep, which means that Ubisoft should look at her case very soon. It is definitely the way her drones work that will see some change. However, there is no specific information about which fix would solve this predicament.

It is a tricky case since improving her abilities too much might break the meta. So, Ubisoft will take its time to experiment on Twitch to find a stable improvement of her abilities through a rework. It could take a really long time for this update to be up on Rainbow Six Siege servers, but fans of the character can rejoice. New operators like Aruni, or reworking existing characters like Jager, will influence the meta and help decide what happens to Twitch.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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