Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 Patch Brings Balance Changes
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January 27, 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 Patch Brings Balance Changes

Ubisoft unveiled the Designer’s Notes for the Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 patch, highlighting many balancing updates and changes to operators, gadgets, and weapons.

In this patch, Rainbow Six Siege developers took note of the meta. They looked at operator win rates and presence to make balanced changes. While operators like Zofia and Ash really needed a nerf, others like Echo and Kali heavily underperformed and needed buffs.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 Patch


Zofia was one of the most picked attackers as of late and needed a nerf. She now no longer has any resistance to concussion effects nor the Withstand effect. Her impact grenades range also decreases from 3 to 2 meters. In addition, Ela will have the same treatment regarding her “extra” mine. Melusi was also a good pick on Ranked because of her main weapon, so Ubisoft removed its angled grip.

Players kept using Ash to disrupt enemy gadgets on the top floors, which is why her Breaching Rounds saw its damage range decreased to 2 meters. Lesion was one of the top roamers due to his versatility, so developers decided to take away the 1.5x scope on his T-5 weapon. Since he was already strong before this addition, Lesion should still strong in Rainbow Six Siege esports. Mira suffered the exact same fate for her Vector.45 ACP.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 patch nerfs

Image Credits to Ubisoft


Ubisoft knew about Buck’s similarity with Sledge and offered him two buffs to change him. His shotgun’s ammo went up from 26 to 30+1 and hard breach charges will replace his claymores. On the other side, Echo’s drone gets more mobility to allow players for more aggressive plays.

Lion’s kit now features a claymore instead of a hard breach charge, which should fit more to his playstyle. Finally, Kali needed buffs in the Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 Patch to make her playable at all levels of play. Ubisoft improved her CSRX 300 base damage to 122 and made the weapon follow the same pattern as every other gun in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 patch buffs

Image Credits to Ubisoft

Other R6 Changes

To improve the rewards that come with skill, there will not be a camera penalization during the guard break animation of Ballistic Shields, which should make the experience smoother. Hard breach charges also saw their deployment and activation time reduced by one second. The ARX, C8, M1014, and TCSG12 weapons receive buffs with their recoil improved to improve their effectiveness.

Developers also planned on releasing pre-reinforced roof hatches at first but decided to abandon the idea. Even though it was a convincing feature overall, there are some situations that need a certain operator to stay competitive. Because the player base feedback was negative, they decided not to move forward with this in the Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 Patch.

Ubisoft decided to shake things up in this R6 Siege designer notes and players will probably be happy with such a change of pace in the new update.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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