Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Operation Crystal Guard and Osa
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August 17, 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Operation Crystal Guard and Osa

Ubisoft revealed all the details for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 3 (Y6S3) update, which includes multiple map reworks, new attacking operator Osa, and more changes in Operation Crystal Guard.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3

New Operator Osa

Osa, the new Rainbow Six Siege operator hails from Croatia and looks to bring a whole new strategy in Operation Crystal Guard. She brings the Talon-8 Clear Shield as a new gadget. This is a clear and bulletproof shield that can be deployed on the ground, windows, or doors. Able to move with the shield in front, Osa can take a forward position as an attacker. Because the shield is made of glass, melee attacks will crack it, no longer letting operators look through it.

As for her weapons, she uses Thermite’s 556 XI assault rifle and Jackal’s PDW SMG. The two guns are fairly different and provide a variety of play options, though the XI will likely be the most commonly used gun. Another unique aspect to Osa is that she’s the first openly transgender character within the game. Similar to the French Flores in Operation Crimson Heist, Rainbow Six Siege continues efforts to improve accessibility and representation.

“The decision to create a transgender character was made early on, as part of our initiative to have an inclusive roster of Operators,” Ubisoft’s statement said. “The consultants, all of whom are trans people, wanted to make sure that Osa was presented as authentically and organically as possible.”

Operation Crystal Guard

As for the maps getting changed, Bank, Coastline, and Clubhouse receive small reworks in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard. Including map balance, environment destruction, and lighting, the maps will look better than ever before. Coastline even gets a new Reception bomb site instead of the Service Entrance site. Bank and Clubhouse receive new exterior alleyways to allow attackers better rotations. Bank and Coastline also get new destroyable walls to really change the dynamics.

Besides the map changes, the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 update improvements to the other operators and systems take place. A global system change across all operators is the shift from armor to health. Now, 3-Armor Operators have 125 HP, 2-Armor Operators have 110 HP, and 1-Armor Operators have 100 HP.

The previously leaked Twitch rework is finally here with her driving a normal drone during the prep phase. Shock Drones can also jump and destroy devices now. IQ can also identify and ping electric devices through walls. Mute’s Signal Disruptors now have a spherical range instead of a circular one. Lastly, Fuze’s gadget can go through reinforced surfaces too, though they deploy slower than on soft walls.

To wrap it all up, Ubisoft celebrates its next Rainbow Six Siege Elite skin as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil on August 17. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard goes up on the test server on August 17 with new operator Osa joining on August 18.

Written by Justin Amin

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