Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro starts CaseEsports
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October 30, 2020

Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro starts CaseEsports

Another soccer player, Carlos Henrique Casimiro, has started his own esports team. Known also by the nickname Casemiro, his new organization CaseEsports looks to make its start on the CS:GO esports scene.

According to its official website, the team was born out of Casemiro’s love for gaming and esports. Since there are many similarities between sports and esports, crossing the border was not difficult. Contrary to FC Barcelona, CaseEsports doesn’t plan to only perform in esports scenes related to soccer, like Rocket League, FIFA, or Pro Evolution Soccer.

CaseEsports in CS:GO

Casemiro’s team is clearly ambitious as its principal goal is to dominate CS:GO esports’ European region. To achieve this dream, CaseEsports is planning on giving its players the resources they deserve. From professional training, facilities, and the latest technologies, CaseEsports wishes to start strong and make its way slowly but surely towards its objective.

CaseEsports website screenshot

Image credits to CaseEsports | “Challenges make us stronger”

The team was formed out of experienced professionals and academy youngsters. Felipe “⁠delboNi⁠” Delboni was recruited to be a lurker, wandering by himself to secure some frags. Competitors will also have to deal with entry fragger Vinicius “⁠n1ssim⁠” Pereira. Denis “⁠dzt⁠” Fischer will have the support role to lead his teammates through the right calls. And with his skills on a rifle, Yan “⁠yepz⁠” Pedretti is a welcome addition. Finally, Paulo “⁠land1n⁠” Felipe will use his AWP skills to carry his teammates to victory.

Casemiro’s Hobby

The team will be ready to play at DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 in a few days. This will be a nice event to starts things off and build from it.

“This team was created out of a hobby of mine that I really enjoy,” Casemiro said to HLTV. “I wanted to take it to a professional level, and just like in my career, I want them to be the best. I know that creating a new team and winning titles will take time and require a lot of work, but I hope that the players and the fans will really enjoy this project.”

CaseEsports will be located in Madrid, which makes sense considering its where Casemiro leaves. This new esports team even managed to convince a few high caliber sponsors. Gaming peripheral company HyperX was convinced to directly sign a contract, alongside Drift, Hawkers, and BŮH.

There were already multiple examples of the sports industry penetrating the esports market. David Beckham’s Guild Esports recently broke the news a few times, especially on the business side. Arsenal striker Pierre-Aymeric Aubameyand also created his own Rocket League esports team. This is clearly not the first sports player to create his own esports organization, but Carlos Henrique Casimiro will also not be the last.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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