Red Bull and LCS partner for gaming series Metamorphosis
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July 23, 2020

Red Bull and LCS partner for gaming series Metamorphosis

Red Bull NA and League of Legends Championship Series just announced their new collaboration, Metamorphosis. To step away from traditional esports tournaments, contestants will face off with “unorthodox or off-meta team compositions.”

Aside from LCS players, some streamers and influencers will also participate in this event. During the pandemic, fans saw sports players try to penetrate the esports industry. This event provides a perfect opportunity to do so.

League of Legends Metamorphosis

At the center of this event lies creativity. Participants and viewers will find unique strategies and new champion builds. Taking risks will be rewarded by improving the broadcasting experience. Although League of Legends gameplay is well known, surprises found in this event may even translate into LCS play. This challenges what fans know so far about League of Legends while entertaining them.

In normal LCS matches, the meta is clear. Many champions are overplayed, leading to boredom as time flies by. Metamorphosis is here to recreate an environment of surprise and shift what fans expect in LCS.

Red Bull x LCS

Red Bull invests in lots of creative events in sports and esports. It is no surprise to see the popular brand at the heart of such an LCS event.

“Through Metamorphosis, Red Bull’s once again proving themselves a beloved part of the LCS community by finding fun new ways for players and fans to experience League of Legends,” said Matt Archambault, head of NA esports partnerships and business development at Riot Games. “The series brings a whole new energy to League of Legends that all players can enjoy, whether they’re casual or competitive, and we can’t wait to see the crazy compositions that players throw onto the Rift.”

"Metamorphosis" By Red Bull and LCS

Image credits to Red Bull.

This uniqueness will bring much attention to Red Bull Gaming and LCS’s Metamorphosis. Fans can look forward to this series on July 29 with its first episode on Twitch. Episode 1 will star League of Legends personalities like Ovilee May, Bunny FuFuu, KayPea, Trick2G, and Hai.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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