Redeye leaves esports following accusations of violence
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July 1, 2020

Redeye leaves esports following accusations of violence

Paul “Redeye” Chaloner announced his departure of the esports industry after allegations of assault were made against him this weekend. This primarily comes from former colleague and caster James Banks, who tweeted a statement on June 27 claiming Chaloner punched a London-based tournament organizer while working there in 2015. The statement said Redeye was placed on leave after the incident and removed from the company shortly afterward. At this point, Redeye stated he will step down as the director of Code Red, an esports consultancy agency.

Banks’ Accusations

In a Google Doc, Banks shared his allegations against Redeye, whom he worked with on multiple occasions. Banks mentioned several instances of professional misconduct, including withholding and lying to other talents. Sexual harassment also made the list of accusations against Redeye.

“Redeye has done some incredibly horrible and disgusting things to me and others within the esports scene, abusing his position and power for many years.” said James Banks. “I made the tweet above because even after seeing him again back then, I felt nervous, uncomfortable and physically sick. This is a man who nearly drove me to suicide many years ago.”

On June 29, Redeye announced on Twitter that he was retiring from the esports industry.

In a tweet, he condemned the abuse he received after these accusations. Among the allegations is that Redeye abused his power and attacked his own family members in the past. These statements come during the esports MeToo movement from suffering gamers and streamers.

Redeye Leaves Esports

Regardless of what really transpired in the past, Redeye had enough. Claiming his mental health at stake during the events of this weekend, he plans to leave esports following attacks on his character. He then states that he was never the main person at Code Red and that the agency can move forward without him. Redeye ends his statement with an apology to any colleagues he’s upset in the past.

Redeye’s career dates back to 2002, but his biggest debut came in Quake 3, where he hosted and commented on the first two years of the game, starting with Unreal Tournament. He joined the Dota 2 scene in 2014 and became a stage host for The International for four years.

As the esports industry continues to grow, so too does the toxicity within. And although each party in this argument claims the other as wrong, some truths exist. It’s difficult to discern what’s true and what isn’t true in their statements, but major allegations like these don’t come up without some facts involved. While the community hopes that abusive figures leave the industry, there is some disappointment here. Paul “Redeye” Chaloner made large contributions to esports and his departure will be a blow to Dota 2 esports.

Written by Michael Washington

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