Respawn announces Apex Legends Preseason Invitational competitors
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September 11, 2019

Respawn announces Apex Legends Preseason Invitational competitors

Respawn Entertainment has indeed announced all of the organizations taking part at the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational between Sept. 13 and 15. The tournament held in Kraków, Poland will feature 80 teams competing for a massive $500,000 prize pool. An “Apex Predator” award and $8,000 prize will be given to the player that achieves the most eliminations at the event.

Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

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Image via Alvernia Planet / Blizzard Entertainment

Firstly, this marks the first-ever international championship hosted by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment. Most previous Apex Legends events have consisted of only a few teams and a much smaller prize pool as well. Teams will compete in a double-elimination format with a Winner’s and Loser’s Bracket.

Furthermore, the Winner’s Bracket will have three rounds, with each round consisting of a number of matches between teams in that group. The top 10 teams of each group will advance to the next round of the Winner’s Bracket.

Next, the other teams will also be demoted to the Loser’s Bracket and continue in a similar fashion. Points will be calculated based on eliminations, which provide one point each. Placement points will be distributed based on placement between 1st and 20th place.

  • 1st place – 12 Points
  • 2nd place – 9 Points
  • 3rd place – 7 Points
  • 4th place – 5 Points
  • 5th place – 4 Points
  • 6-10th place – 2 Points
  • 11-15th place – 1 Point
  • 16-20th place – 0 Points

Competing Teams

So, many amateur teams will be competing, with most of the powerhouse teams competing as well. Nine of the 10 top teams for most earnings in Apex Legends tournaments will be competing at the Preseason Invitational.

Team Reciprocity is now at No. 6 on the leaderboard, with only one player currently signed to their roster. The organization borrowed Sebastian “Mimu” Vesala and Niko “ZeroNothing” Suominen for the X Games Minneapolis event. 

The other teams consist of Team SoloMid, Rogue, NRG Esports, Sentinels, SK Telecom T1, Fnatic, Team Liquid, Tempo Storm, and Misfits. Of these nine, only North American esports organizations Team Liquid and Rogue have over $100,000 in prize winnings. Rogue has only won prize money at four tournaments, with the majority from a TwitchCon Europe Showdown event.

The majority of the players come from the United States. However, Sweden comes in second with 22 players. In addition, Finland, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Russia provide the remainder with about 10-11 each. 

Tickets to attend the physical event costs 100zł or around $25.49. Fans will be able to purchase meals and Apex Legends merchandise at the event as well. The Preseason Invitational tournament takes place in the Alvernia Planet complex, with the first-place team taking home $105,000. 

Finally, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook will be live-streaming the tournament on Sept. 13. For rules, event details and other further information, check out the Apex Legends Preseason page.

Credit: Ethan Chen

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