Riot Games Unveils New League of Legends Champion Roadmap
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September 28, 2021

Riot Games Unveils New League of Legends Champion Roadmap

The new League of Legends Champion Roadmap is now available, revealing information about the champions’ schedule, an Udyr redesign, and more visual changes.

With the upcoming League of Legends World Championship, players are excited about watching some high-level esports. In the meantime, Riot Games is focused on improving the game, patches after patches, updates after updates.

Champion Roadmap

Last year, Riot Games was adamant about offering each role a new champion. Mid laners and Mage players were even thrilled to hear that they would get two new champions each. However, as time went by, League of Legends developers felt that the timing wasn’t right. So, instead of trying to force a fit, Riot announced that they will release at the early stages of 2022.

The first one is a kinetic marksman, a bot laner with very high mobility. Promising high-rythm gameplay, Riot Games stated that they experimented with this champion’s basic attacks. So, players should expect something completely different than usual. This kinetic marksman will probably be the first to release next year.

They were also a few words in this blog entry about a probable support character, whose world revolves around money. Nonetheless, Riot Games remained very vague about this new champion.

Udyr Rework

League of Legends should soon receive some visual changes. The Art & Sustainability update promises to updates older champions’ designs to today’s standards. Like every other redesigns throughout the years, they will not impact champions’ gameplay in any way, shape, or form. It should also get rid of former technical issues and bring some brand new skins.

Udyr Rework Redesign in Art and Sustainability update

Image Credits to Riot Games

There was an update on Udyr’s design, asking once again for the community’s feedback. This time, Riot worked on his antlers, giving them a more druidic appearance. As part of the League of Legends lore, Udyr received an orange headwrap from Lee Sin, that he now uses as a hand wrap. Finally, every one of his stances is now related in some way to a Freljordian demigod.

Written by Charles Fuster

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