Riot leaks secret Special Event for 10 Year Anniversary
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September 19, 2019

Riot leaks secret Special Event for 10 Year Anniversary

In a leak regarding the 10 Year Anniversary of League of Legends, Riot revealed special plans for the occasion.  

Image via u/Lassekassebasse

Many were quick to criticize Riot’s seeming lack of passion for the anniversary, especially with the year long train of controversy chasing them down the tracks. But a leak onto the LoL client showed some of their true intentions. 

On Oct. 15, Riot’s public livestream event will kick off as planned. See further details here.

But apparently there is more in store for Oct 16. Many people who have supported League of Legends through the years will be invited to a private event hosted by Riot with intent to give thanks. Content creators, esports professionals, and more are suspect to be among them. 

Riot has since commented, confirming the widespread invites were a mistake. Much to their credit, Riot reached out and  increased the 500 guest list to 501 to include redditor u/Lassekassebasse for bringing the mix up to their attention.

After the leak, it is unclear whether or not this event will be observable by the everyday fan. But regardless of the string of controversies, it seems Riot will be doing something good for the fanbase of the most popular Esport in the world.

Written by Devon Huge

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