RLCS X Championships, regional week-long events
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April 15, 2021

RLCS X Championships, regional week-long events

Psyonix announced it will not hold an in-person LAN esports event for the Rocket League World Championships this year. Instead, Rocket League esports will feature multiple week-long RLCS X Championships that will feature the best teams in action.

RLCS X Championships

Instead of a single global event, the RLCS X Championships will feature multiple regional events. Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America will each have their own regional event.

Psyonix also announced a new “best-of-set” format. Rocket League esports teams must win multiple series in order to win a set. The game developer hopes to use this to test the endurance of the best teams on the planet.

  • A single “Best-of Set” consists of up to three “Best-of” series
  • For example, a “Best-of-7 Set” can be up to three Best-of-7s
  • The first team to win two Best-of-7 series will win the Set
  • For the RLCS X Championships, there will be a combination of “Best-of-5 Sets” and “Best-of-7 Sets.”

Format, Prizing and Schedule

The top two teams from Oceania and South America will qualify for the RLCS X Championships. In both regions, the top two teams will duke it out in a Best-of-Set, where they’ll need to win two best-of-7 series out of three to win the set. The winner is the RLCS X Champion for that region.

RLCS X Championships format.

The Page playoffs format in Rocket League. Image Credit: Rocket League.

The top six teams from North America and Europe will compete in a page playoffs format. In Round 1 and the Quarterfinals, teams will have to win two Best-of-5 series out of three to win a given Best-of Set. While in the semifinals and grand finals, teams must win two Best-of-7 series out of three to win a given Best-of Set. The last team standing becomes the RLCS X Champion of the region.

The $1 million prize pool gets divided for the four regions in the World Championship.

  • Europe: $400,000
  • North America: $400,000
  • Oceania: $100,000
  • South America: $100,000

The RLCS X Championship kicks off on June 15 with the European and North American matches. All matches will stream live on Twitch and YouTube.

Written by Rohan Samal

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