Rocket League “Next” could bring the game to mobile
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May 7, 2021

Rocket League “Next” could bring the game to mobile

In its legal battle with Apple, Epic Games released information about Rocket League Next, a potential cross-platform launcher that would bring the full game to mobile.

After the game got a complete overhaul to fit the free-to-play model, Rocket League saw a huge rise in players. In September 2020, over one million people played regularly on all three platforms the game is available in. Now, the next logical step for Psyonix is to try its luck on the mobile market.

Rocket League Next on Mobile

According to a file found in Epic Games’ legal documents, Rocket League Next is a cross-platform launcher that allows everyone to jump into the same servers. Console players can finally bury the hatchet with the PC community, at least on RL.

Rocket League Cross-platform launcher

Image Credits to Epic Games

Cross-progress is also in the report, making sure players can switch between platforms without losing their items or experience. The file also indicates that this brand new experience will have its own beta. If this file is anything to go by, the second quarter of 2021 should see this plan come to fruition.

Epic Games and Psyonix

It is important to mention that it takes months to prepare for court cases. Written for use in June 2020, Epic Games and Psyonix might have changed plans dozens of times since the release of this Rocket League Next file. But looking at how detailed these documents are, the full Rocket League will hit mobile in the future, one way or another.

Providing a full and seamless experience for fans yielded great results. It is how Fortnite managed to appeal to its audience, by providing its players with great gameplay through every platform. Rocket League’s launcher lacks innovation compared to its competitors, making it another argument for a major update.

Still, with Epic Games acquiring Rocket League and working with Psyonix, it is safe to say that a next-generation cross-platform client for Rocket League to hit mobile is reasonable.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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