Rocket League update brings new ranks and competitive changes
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September 3, 2020

Rocket League update brings new ranks and competitive changes

Psyonix revealed in an official blog post the new Rocket League Supersonic Legend competitive rank, alongside the new season format and ranks. Other major changes are also coming with the new free-to-play update.

Rocket League’s developers announced many changes like the revamped tournament system or new Challenges. All these features will come after Rocket League goes free-to-play. In this new post, Psyonix also provided a tentative release date about when Rocket League goes free-to-play.

New Rocket League Ranks

Grand Champion is not the ceiling anymore with the addition of the new Rocket League Supersonic Legend rank above it. Furthermore, there will be three different tiers within Grand Champion. This means that players will start from Grand Champion 1 in the new Rocket League season and grind their way up to Supersonic Legend.

Rocket League new competitive Rank Supersonic Legend

Image credits to Psyonix

Supersonic Legend and Grand Champion will both have their own rewards at the end of each season. With the new titles, only after hitting Grand Champion 1 will someone’s rank show on the main menu.

Because of the addition of a new rank, balance changes needed to be made. Experienced Rocket League players will receive a higher ranking than what they were used to. Lower ranks will now almost always focus on new players.

Free-to-play games are all about welcoming new players. If the game is too hard, players will quickly drop it. On the other hand, if the game is fun and balanced even in lower ranks, new players will stick with it.

Competitive Season

When Rocket League goes free-to-play, a new format will also kick in. Following other games like Apex Legends, new content will be organized in seasons. The new Rocket League season brings a wave of Tournaments, Competitive Seasons, and of course, the Rocket Pass. This helps players remember the season start and end dates.

Rocket League seasons after Going free to Play

Image credits to Psyonix

To help introduce new players to Rocket League, a tutorial is being added. Now, when someone fires up the game for the first time, a few steps will teach them about the HUD and controls.

In the upcoming Rocket League update, cross-compatibility is improved. Players on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation will no longer need extra services to play online. To help new players, a bot difficulty under Rookie will be available.

Psyonix also spoke about the Rocket League free-to-play release date. An update takes place mid-September for all platforms and Rocket League will become free soon after. Psyonix is making major moves to bring more players to the game. The new Rocket League ranks, competitive seasons, and free-to-play will be available soon.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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