Seraphine, new League champion, full abilities revealed
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October 12, 2020

Seraphine, new League champion, full abilities revealed

Riot Games surprised fans when the developer released the full reveal for the new League of Legends champion, Seraphine. On top of providing more backstory for the long-awaited champ for Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, her full abilities are revealed. For the fifth member of K/DA, her abilities and playstyle are all about teamwork and group synergy.

Seraphine Abilities

With a kit very similar to Sona, Seraphine’s abilities reveal her playstyle as a spell spam mage. She brings the most value to her team when constantly casting spells to activate her passive. With the copied abilities and heals, this pop star excels at keeping teammates alive while they remain near her. Without a doubt, her strongest roles will be as a support in bot lane and during large team fights.

Passive – Stage Presence

Every third basic ability Seraphine casts will echo, automatically casting a second time. Additionally, whenever she casts an ability nearby an ally, she will create a Note. Each Note gives her basic attacks more attack range and deal additional magic damage, consuming the Note.


Q – High Note

Seraphine projects a pure note, dealing magic damage that’s increased by the target’s missing health percentage.

W – Surround Sound

Seraphine surrounds her nearby allies in a song, granting herself and her allies movement speed and a shield. If Seraphine is already shielded, she can heal her nearby allies, restoring health based on how many allies are near her.

E – Beat Drop

Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them. Enemies that are already slowed are rooted, and already rooted enemies are stunned.

R – Encore

Seraphine takes the stage, projecting a captivating force that charms enemies and deals magic damage. Any champions struck (allies included) become part of the performance, extending the range of the ability and granting allies maximum Notes.

New League Champion

When playing as the songstress, players will want to opt for mana purchases as soon as possible. In order to proc her passive as best as possible, using her abilities often is a must. An early Tear of the Goddess and mana runes will help tremendously to put out lots of damage and shields.

Seraphine’s addition to Summoner’s Rift will certainly change the next meta for League of Legends. Although her abilities are similar to that of Sona, she brings more damage and lane flexibility. As a support, some fans believe her playstyle to be a mix of Sona and Lux, though she will undoubtedly see play as a mid lane mage.

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine, Ultimate Skin

Interestingly, Riot is also testing a new idea for League of Legends ultimate skins with Seraphine. At launch, she’ll have an ultimate skin available for purchase that brings special quests. Those who complete these in-game quests will unlock more appearances for the skin.

New League of Legends champion Seraphine to receive an UItimate skin.

Image credit to Riot Games.

In the past months, fans could actually find Seraphine on social media. She had her own verified Twitter account and Instagram with posts, images, and song covers and over 300 thousand followers. Of course, she is only a virtual creation by Riot Games for the League of Legends universe. But the effort Riot went to in creating her personality and journey helps show how much value there is in character building and K/DA.

Since the release of Samira, the last champion, everyone experimented with builds and playstyle to find what’s best. The same will happen here with Seraphine to find which role she truly thrives in.

Players can try out the new songstress when Seraphine launches into live servers on League of Legends Patch 10.22.

Written by Justin Amin


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