Siege Champions Program grows Rainbow Six community
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February 11, 2021

Siege Champions Program grows Rainbow Six community

Ubisoft just revealed its new initiative, the Siege Champions Program, which aims to unite the fanbase around Community Leaders heavily involved in Rainbow Six Siege.

It is now a known fact that video game developers can succeed when they take care of their fanbase. Fortnite may not be where it is today without its community of content creators. Ubisoft understood this fact and released the Siege Champions Program.

Siege Champions Program

This initiative takes the form of worldwide support for different contributors from the community. Depending on what different languages they speak and where they reside, various branches of this program handle all contributors. For now, it is an invite-only program, which might change in the future. Rainbow Six Siege fans who want in right now must step up their game.

Content creators will receive additional information in advance for the Siege Champions Program. More information will come soon to help the community increase the quality of their Rainbow Six Siege content. Designers and cosplayers can go through new guides and assets to make more artistic choices. Those who like the community aspect of the game can get help to grow and animate their platforms.

Rainbow Six Requirements

Of course, there are some requirements in order to qualify for the Siege Champions Program. All members must be over 18, “in good standing with Ubisoft” and must not have broken Code of Conduct or Ubisoft’s Terms of Use. Finally, Community Leaders need to be invited, which requires Ubisoft scouting them in the first place.

R6 Siege Champions Program

Image Credits to Ubisoft

While this initiative is obviously a good thing for the community, it needs to be done the right way. Launching such a spread out initiative like this may cause differences in treatment across regions. In that case, Rainbow Six Siege’s content creators would be unlucky and feel frustrated instead. It’s up to Ubisoft to make this program a relevant way of developing its community.

Even though fans were disappointed after the news of the Six Invitational’s cancelation, Ubisoft came back with new initiatives and programs. While a fresh live stream to commemorate the end of its fifth year will air on February 21, the new Siege Champions Program will certainly grow the Rainbow Six community.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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