Smash Bros DreamHack Montreal: Marss wins Ultimate, Hungrybox wins Melee
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September 10, 2019

Smash Bros DreamHack Montreal: Marss wins Ultimate, Hungrybox wins Melee

Smash Bros. DreamHack Montreal’s tournaments ended with Marss and Hungrybox victories

It all concluded with PG Marss and Liquid Hungrybox taking the trophies in their respective games. Many higher seeded players didn’t end up coming to the event, making the Top 8 brackets very top-heavy.

Panda Global Steals the Show

Smash Ultimate’s Top 8 consisted of Panda Global’s ESAM and Marss, HNR Xcal and EMG Blacktwins on the winner’s side. WC Sandstorm, Mirage Jayy, LZR SuperGirlKels and the unsponsored Gen started on the loser’s side. It quickly became apparent that the PG heavyweights were in it to win it with both ESAM and Marss taking a 3-1 win in winner’s semifinals. Their upper bracket finals match ended in a 3-1 for Marss, his Zero Suit Samus too strong for ESAM’s Pikachu to handle. ESAM had to go through the lower bracket final if he wanted another shot.

Awaiting him was Gen, who fought his way past Xcal in a close five-game series. After crushing EMG Blacktwins 3-0, Gen found himself against ESAM who was itching for a rematch against Marss. Gen, normally a Palutena player, tried switching to Ryu after going down 0-2 but was unable to get a game. Still, third place at a major event is a good start for Gen to find a sponsor.

With the PG duo securing first and second place, the pressure might have dialed back. In what seemed to be a casual yet high level final, ESAM started off hot. He managed to beat Marss in three straight games, even coming back from one stock down in the second and third.

With a bracket reset on the cards, the players were ready for their third match of the day. This time, however, the result would be similar to their first match played. Marss went up two games early and, despite a heroic hot streak at the end of game three by ESAM, was able to close out in the fourth game.

Hungrybox on Top of his Game

As mentioned, many high-ranking Smash Melee players didn’t participate in this event. After pools, the four notable names advancing were Liquid Hungrybox, EMG moky, DIG HugS, and n0ne. The other four joining them for Top 8 were the unsponsored Ryan Ford, Damian Tyson, Georges, and Lunar Dusk. A notable exclusion from Top 8 was EMG Hax$ who came in ranked third but exited early from pools.

As expected, Hungrybox took his first match against n0ne and winner’s finals against Moky. The lower bracket predictably came to a HugS vs n0ne match in semis. N0ne, who had taken a match off of HugS earlier in the round of 16, was able to beat him again in another 3-0 sweep. A loser’s final match against Moky would decide who had the privilege of rematching HBox for the title. Moky’s Fox was no match for n0ne’s Captain Falcon, resulting in another Jigglypuff vs Falcon finals matchup after Shine 2019’s two weeks prior.

However, n0ne didn’t fare any better than S2J did and lost in a quick 3-0. It’s clear that after losing to Wizzrobe’s Falcon at Summit earlier this year, HBox has doubled down on practicing this matchup. In the end, HBox won DreamHack Montreal with only a single dropped game in playoffs.

Melee may have had a smaller-scale tournament, but HBox still looks as practiced as ever. The next Melee Super Major is The Big House 9 in early October, and HBox would love to add it to his already extensive trophy case. He also won Smash Summit 9 in February 2020.

Credit to Zakaria Almughrabi

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