Smash Ultimate Main Event Breaks EVO Viewership Record
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August 5, 2019

Smash Ultimate Main Event Breaks EVO Viewership Record

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reigned supreme at EVO setting a new record for the highest peak viewership in fighting game history.

Nintendo’s latest release of Super Smash Bros. franchise, Ultimate, was released December 2018, making its debut EVO 2019. It also made its EVO debut as the main game of the entire event, closing out the weekend, drawing over 200,000 viewers and peaking at 279,000, setting the record for the highest peak viewership of any game.

Smash was initially met with ire in the community, having taken the main event slot from the traditional Street Fighter series. After this weekend’s proceedings, viewers have made it clear that Smash is the one to watch of the tournament. 

The Smash community has proven time and time again its loyalty when it comes to their representation in legitimate competition. From earning Melee’s spot back into EVO 2013 through charity after 6 years of absence to smashing the entrant record at the tournament with more than 3,500+ entrants playing for the top prize. 

It remains to be seen whether or not the massive influx of viewers towards Ultimate will affect Nintendo business-wise.

Nintendo’s only shortcoming with their own professional Smash tournaments is not providing enough good incentives that match Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s value as an asset of the company and as part of the grander fighting gaming community. 

EVO is the platform to have your fighting game on, and it has turned into this must-see event where all the biggest fighting game developers celebrate their creations and usher in new ones.

Credit: Rudolf Baldovino

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