Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.0 and Steve live for players
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October 14, 2020

Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.0 and Steve live for players

Nintendo released the latest update to Smash Ultimate yesterday, bringing Patch 9.0.0 to live servers. This Smash Ultimate patch lets players purchase Challenger Pack 7, which includes DLC fighter Minecraft Steve and Alex, many Mii Costumes for fighters, and balance updates to different characters.

Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.0

Along with bug fixes and the new character, this Smash Ultimate patch holds many character balances. Although nearly every balance change to the cast seems to be a buff, a few received nerfs.

In particular, Simon, Richter, and Bowser Jr. will see many buffs to their movesets. Specifically, some of Simon and Richter’s attacks can no longer be neutralized and Bowser Jr. receives a variety of stat increases to throws and attacks. Ness and Lucario also see stat adjustments to help them see more play. Ice Climbers will also range improvements on their attacks with some AI behavior improvements for Nana. The full list of Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.0 changes can be found on Nintendo’s website.

SSBU Steve and Alex Live

Unsurprisingly, Minecraft Steve and Alex seem to be a little too strong in Smash Ultimate. The ability to create blocks in the air creates a lot of interference for recoveries and combos. 100 Thieves streamer “NoahJ456” showed off how the blocks can be abused against players.

The Smash Ultimate community wondered when the next update would go live. Ever since the Small Battlefield stage update came through, Nintendo revealed nothing for weeks. When Nintendo finally announced the reveal date for the new Smash Ultimate character on September 30, the community grew excited. A major update would finally arrive since the addition of Arms character Min Min.

Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.0 is live as of yesterday and players are already trying to reach Elite Smash rankings. Fans interested in playing the new SSBU DLC Fighter 7 Steve and Alex or the Minecraft World stage can purchase the Challenger Pack.

Written by Justin Amin


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