Smash Ultimate Pyra and Mythra Moveset and Release Date
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March 4, 2021

Smash Ultimate Pyra and Mythra Moveset and Release Date

The new Nintendo Direct just ended and Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed the moveset of the new fighters in Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before their release date today.

Smash Ultimate Pyra and Mythra

Initially, they considered having Rex with Pyra and Mythra, but decided otherwise. After all, they already have a complex enough moveset. Players can switch between the two flawlessly like Zelda and Sheik. Their designs are slightly different from the original Xenoblade Chronicles franchise though.

New Fighter Movesets

In Smash Ultimate, Pyra and Mythra have the same basic attacks, with a huge difference in speed and power. Mythra is twice as fast but Pyra is twice as powerful. This combo ends in a flurry of fire for Pyra and light for Mythra. They both have dash attacks that can take their opponents off-guard.

Pyra and Mythra join Smash Ultimate fighters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Image Credits to Nintendo

They also share tilt attacks that can be used repetitively to build up some damage. Their down smash can hit multiple targets at once on either side. Both characters also feature the same throw options in four different directions while the down throw is better for combos.

While Pyra specializes in power and Mythra in speed, their differences in movement gives Smash Ultimate players multiple options. They can stick to one character, even choosing with which fighter to start. Players can even try to trick opponents with the many different colors used.

Pyra Moves and Combos

Everything Pyra does boasts huge damage and launch power. Her attack damage is always off the charts but often leaves her quite open. For example, the full charge of Pyra Smash can down an enemy at 20% health. Although, these stats are subject to a possible change before the official release.

New Smash Ultimate Fighter

Image Credits to Nintendo

Pyra’s neutral move is Flame Nova, an attack where she spins with her sword drawn. It’s a chargeable attack hitting both sides. Her side special throws her sword for multi hits like a projectile and is called Blazing Hand. During this throw, Pyra is still controllable, which can be useful in certain circumstances. Her up special is Prominence Revolt, where she summons a fire pillar after landing from a jump. It’s relevant for recovery, KO opportunities, or switching between Pyra and Mythra.

Her Final Smash, Burning Sword, is a forward strike with her weapon that ends in a powerful fire energy wave.

Mythra Moves and Combos

Mythra uses Foresight to avoid taking damage and helps her to dodge and move away. This move is perfect to plan for an opportunity to attack. Smash Ultimate players are quite used to this kind of move similar to what Bayonneta can do.

New Smash Ultimate figther - Mythra

Image Credits to Nintendo

Her Ligthning Buster is a chargeable barrage of hits that is only effective in front. Charging this attack lets her get more damage in and extends the range. Mythra’s side special is Photon Edge, warping forward a few times to slash her opponents from one side. Her up special is Ray of Punishment and Chroma Dust, based on a jump and the firing of one to five arrows of light.

Her Final Smash is Sacred Arrow, dealing a high quantity of light-based blows.

The main tactic mentioned in this Nintendo Direct was to use both these characters for their respective strengths. Mythra will be effective for her mobility and fast strikes to pile up some damage to opponents. Then, switching to Pyra becomes optimal, creating a window to finish enemies with powerful strikes. Of course, players should expect the Pyra and Mythra fighters to be slightly different from this Nintendo Direct on their Smash Ultimate release date today.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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