Smite Pro League: Season 7 Intro
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February 7, 2020

Smite Pro League: Season 7 Intro

It’s finally here! Season 7 of Smite is upon us after many changes in the offseason. The Pro League went from 10 teams to 8, the World Champions and their jungler parted ways and coupled with that, almost every team has new faces there was a handful of retirees. A lot has changed. Let’s jump right in and introduce the teams.

Let’s start with the 2019 World Champions, previously SK Gaming in 2019 with a new jungler for 2020)

Pittsburgh Knights

  • Steven “Zapman” Zapas – Hunter
  • Neil “Neilmah” Mah – Support
  • Paul “Paul” Berger – Mid
  • Ronald “ScaryD” Belair – Solo
  • Anders “QvoFred” Korbo – Jungle
  • Joshua “ElChuckles” Bruce – Coach

During the regular season last year, the members of SK Gaming didn’t have the look of a World Championship team, but they came together when it mattered most and upset the world. They’ll look to ride that momentum with their new jungler to another playoff season.

Player to Watch: QvoFred – Will his “farm, farm, farm until late” gameplay be cooled down with a new roster around him?


  • John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter – Hunter
  • Jacob “SoloOrTroll” High – Solo
  • Brandon “Venenu” Casale – Mid
  • Lasse  “Lasbra” Halkjær – Jungle
  • Jacob “Awesomejake408” Amaniera – Support
  • Daniel “Rowe” Rowe – Coach

The big story for the Renegades in S7 is that it will be the first time BaRRaCCuDDa will be playing without his other half, Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi, who retired during the offseason. The test will be if he can connect with rookie Awesomejake408.

Player to watch: Crowd favorite BaRRaCCuDDa, mainly for the reasons mentioned. Even with a new support, but many think that he’s still skilled enough to be an impact player regardless of who’s around him.


  • Rafael Antonio “Panitom” Guerra Lima – Jungle
  • Libardo Andres “Jarcor” López Cardona – Solo
  • Jordge Andres “Ronngyu” Lasalvia – Support
  • Fabrizio Aron “Netrioid” Palacios Jara – Hunter
  • Jorge “Sheento” Andres – Mid
  • Fenrec Galdiquin “Oxiledeon” Saavedra Szabo – Coach

Sanguine are coming off an incredible run during season 6 playoffs after running the gauntlet as a minor league team and not giving professional teams any easy wins. This will be their first full season playing together in a LAN environment. And if their past experiences at LAN are any indicator, they’re set to make a solid run.

Player to watch: Jarcor in the solo lane – this class of solo laners in season 7 is one of the best we’ve seen and Jarcor has the potential to be a breakout player this year and really show the Smite world what he’s made of.

Ghost Gaming

  • Ben “Benji” McKinzey – Solo
  • Jarod “CycloneSpin” Nguyen  – Hunter
  • Maxwell “Aror” Jackson – Support
  • Kennet “Adapting” Ros – Jungle
  • Jordan “BigManTingz” Theaker – Mid
  • Kurtis “Biggy” Davidson – Coach

Ghost Gaming is the new org in town and they are looking to make a name for themselves, signing lots of proven talent and meta-setters. It’s pretty safe to put them near the top of your power rankings with the big names they have.

Player to watch: Aror. Aror is seemingly always at the forefront of setting the meta and I don’t see that changing for this season. Aror is incredibly cerebral and uses that to his advantage.


  • Bobby “Inbowned” Simonson – Support
  • Jacob “Wowy” Carter – Hunter
  • James “Duck3y” Heseltine – Solo
  • Alexandru “Wlfy” Lefterică – Mid
  • Kurt “Weak3n” Schray – Jungle
  • Asier “Ksier” Fiallegas – Coach

Obey are underdogs this season. Although they have a lot of talent, they often have trouble getting on the same page and reaching the same level of cohesion top teams do. The addition of Inbowned at support will ultimately prove beneficial to Obey.

Player to watch: Inbowned. A former world champion on console, he is a great addition for Obey in season 7. He has the skills and talent to separate himself as an elite support.


  • Tyler “Hurriwind” Whitney – Mid
  • Lucas “Screammmmm” Spracklin – Jungle
  • Evan “Snoopy” Jones – Hunter
  • Sinjin “Eonic” Thorpe – Support
  • Harry “Variety” Cumming – Solo
  • Cassidy “Cardiac” Cameron – Coach

eUnited looks poised to be a “middle of the pack” team again this year. All of the players have extensive professional experience and will certainly leverage that into wins, but one wonders if that will be enough for them to make an impact for the whole season.

Players to watch: Eonic and Snoopy in the duo lane. Eonic and Snoopy joined Luminosity Gaming in July of last year and played well together consistently. If they can continue on that trajectory, they will be a force to be reckoned with.


  • Samual “sam4soccer2” Waxman – Jungle
  • Michael “PolarBearMike” Heiss – Support
  • Benjamin “CaptainTwig” Knight – Mid
  • Maksim “Pandacat” Yanevich – Hunter
  • Alec “fineokay” Fonzo – Solo
  • Peter “sLainy” Sarvari – Coach

Rival, Rival, Rival. Kings of the Silver, Lords of Runner, Upville, still talented across the board, look for them to be at, or near the top of most power rankings throughout the season. The addition of sam4soccer2 and his style fits well with Rival’s playstyle, assuming their same playstyle of “a lot of individual talent and almost complete cohesion in team fights” holds true.

Player to watch: sam4soccer2. The new jungler will give a new look to Rival and possibly give them that extra “oomph” to raise Thor’s hammer at the end of the year. Sam’s playstyle fits well with Rival. Don’t be surprised if you see him at the top of the kill counts every game.

Spacestation Gaming

  • Nika “Nika” Pataria – Solo
  • Bastien “Dardez” Proust – Mid
  • Liam “Vote” Shanks – Hunter
  • Mohamed “CherryO” Wailed Dewedar – Jungler
  • Craig “iRaffer” Rathbone – Support

Spacestation Gaming is bringing an entirely new roster to the Pro League for Smite Season 7. All of these players have professional experience and four of them have played together extensively including last year with Vote being the new player for season 7. SSG will be on the upper half of the rankings most of the year if they can work as well as they did in season 6.

Player to watch: Vote – the newest addition to this roster. Vote and Raffer have very similar playstyles and they will mesh well in the duo lane.

Written by Michael Schwartz

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