Steam Deck, a Portable PC, Announced by Valve
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July 15, 2021

Steam Deck, a Portable PC, Announced by Valve

Game publisher, developer, and distributor Valve Corporation just announced a new portable gaming device, the Steam Deck, including info on registrations and preorders. But unlike a traditional gaming console, this handheld system can replicate a computer and do anything a PC can.

Steam Deck

Dubbed as an all-in-one portable gaming PC, the Steam Deck uses the SteamOS 3 software to become its own mini-computer. Able to play AAA titles with ease, the device takes traditional games used for Steam on a computer and puts it in a new mode. Currently, Valve estimates the Steam Deck to become publicly available and start shipping in December 2021. United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom first get access with more regions receiving it in 2022.

Valve’s Steam Deck boasts Bluetooth support, a variety of ports that aren’t restrictive, four customizable buttons, and more. Physically, it bears a resemblance to the Nintendo Switch with some added size and software capabilities. Although it doesn’t have any cellular connection so users must stick to wifi for internet connection and online play.

The Steam Deck may even find influence in esports since it can run CS:GO and Dota 2 just fine. Additionally, the device is optimized for the Steam platform but since it’s a “normal” PC, it can technically still run other games and clients like Fortnite or Epic Games.

Valve Corporation announced the Steam Deck today and it's different models for preorder/registration.

Image credit to Valve.

Valve Helps Manufacturers

But unlike most products and companies, Valve hopes to use its new Steam Deck to revolutionize the industry. The new device looks to open innovation for other brands too. Greg Coomer and Lawrence Yang, both working on Product Design at Valve, shared more with IGN on the Steam Deck.

“We look at this as just a new category of device in the PC space,” Coomer said. “And assuming that customers agree with us that this is a good idea, we expect not only to follow up in the future with more iterations ourselves, but also for other people, other manufacturers to want to participate in the space.”

On top of that, the software being used will be available on a free license to promote industry growth. Yang directly shared that Valve hopes other manufacturers can use their model for other purposes.

“We want to make sure people know that the SteamOS 3 is available free, for a free license for any manufacturer that wants to make a similar product,” Lawrence Yang stated.

Those looking to purchase the system can find three different models starting at $399 with the two upgrades offering more memory space. Fans can start making reservations and preorders for the Steam Deck tomorrow at 10 AM PT on Valve’s site.

Written by Justin Amin

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