Stoned Gamer brings Incendiary Industries Together in 2020
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December 18, 2019

Stoned Gamer brings Incendiary Industries Together in 2020

Dozens of investors, bankers, and insiders joined together in New York City on December 17th to attend The Gaming Society Esports conference. The conference’s first speaker began with a presentation by Marty Schneider, the CEO of Stoned Gamer. Yes, that company is exactly what it sounds like. 

With nearly $30 billion spent yearly on gaming and the cannabis industry climbing to $15 billion a year, that leaves a ton of cash on the table. Stoned Gamer was created by Zeus Tipado and Schneider joined the company last summer after he sold his cannabis delivery company for a profit the year before. 

“There are billions of dollars sitting on the table,” Schneider said to an audience suddenly much more awake. “Not millions… billions.”

With 35 million stoner gamers out there, the company has no shortage of potential customers. In 2019, Stoned Gamer was able to achieve 15,000 active members while continuing to host events. There have been over 70 Stoned Gamer events so far, with 45 different sponsors. Due to those sponsors, the company has been able to bring in $125,000 in sponsorship deals.

“We are going to own getting high and playing video games,” Schneider said. 

Schneider wants to use 2020 as a year to grow the company by asking for $1.5 million in capital. With those funds, he would like to build the Stoned Gamer Arena in Los Angeles, California. The arena would be the world’s first cannabis-friendly venue and would run under a membership model.

Stoned Gamer is interested in running two different payment models for the venue. One membership method would charge $40 a month but would allow owners to access the venue daily along with state of the art equipment. Fans who aren’t close to the venue in Los Angeles will be able to use the $10 a month membership which will allow people to compete and interact with other Stoned Gamer members from around the world.

The second part of the Stoned Gamers’ plan is to launch product lines consisting of a CBD product line consisting of smokables, joints, vapes, and edibles. 

“We will launch what we will call our “performance line” of hand creams and eye drops which are meant to reduce the strain from either staring at a screen or ripping at a controller for hours on end.” According to Schneider, their products will be CBD-based which will help gamers recover after long gaming sessions.

Schneider made sure to inform the audience that Stoned Gamer does not sell THC products and will only sell CBD-based products. CBD is the other active chemical in marijuana and the source of medicinal benefits, THC is the chemical traditionally associated with getting high.

Since the company only works with CBD, they do not need to follow the same government guidelines and taxes. If Marijuana were to be federally legalized, something very likely in the next decade, Stoned Gamer would then be able to expand the company’s product offerings. With marijuana and gaming, Stoned Gamer is situated at the crossroads of two of the hottest investment industries. 

Written by Amanda Zelauskas

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