Summit Champions League Season 2 Week 1 Players
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March 31, 2021

Summit Champions League Season 2 Week 1 Players

Beyond the Smash’s Summit Champions League Season 2, the next big esports tournament for Super Smash Bros Melee, just locked in the player roster for Week 1.

SCL2 Week 1 List

Boasting a $10 thousand prize pool, this tournament features the best Smash Melee esports players around. Division 1 players got invited to the event and consist of long-standing Melee pros. This includes players like Cloud9’s Joseph “Mango” Marquez and Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma. Week 1 of SCL2 begins on Sunday, April 11, in a four-week tournament.

  • Zain
  • Mang0
  • iBDW
  • Hungrybox
  • Ginger
  • S2J
  • N0ne
  • Wizzrobe

Announced today, eight players qualified from the LEVO tournaments to make it into SML2 Division 2. This selects all 16 participating Melee esports players for Summit Champions League Season 2 Week 1.

  • Moky
  • SFAT
  • Axe
  • Hax$
  • Soonsay
  • Kalamazhu
  • Aklo
  • KoDoRiN

Summit Champions League Season 2

Sponsored by Hyper X and Hit Box, this tournament from Beyond the Summit brings the very best in Melee esports to compete. Previously known as the Slippi Champions League, Beyond the Summit decided to rebrand for fear of retaliation from Nintendo. The Big House Online was previously canceled for using the Slippi mod, which SML will use. In order to stay safe, BTS rebranded the tourney name from last year.

Despite controversies from Nintendo with its lack of support and a cease and desist order on TBH, the Smash community is reviving. With massive events like the Smash World Tour, 2021 looks good for Melee and Ultimate esports. Fans should stay tuned for how Summit Champions League Season 2 plays out.

Written by Justin Amin

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