Tachanka rework details and gameplay revealed
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October 7, 2020

Tachanka rework details and gameplay revealed

Ubisoft finally revealed the new Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka rework this morning in a demo on YouTube and Twitch. With over an hour of playtime, the team showcased Tachanka’s new weapon, passive, and gadget.

Tachanka Rework

The new and improved Tachanka sees big changes after his rework. The team overhauled his whole kit while retaining the defender’s theme. Chris Watters of Ubisoft News spoke about the changes.

Tachanka now carries his old mounted LMG as his primary weapon, letting him walk around the map freely. Although he’s only a 1-speed 3-armor operator, his penetrating weapon and new gadget provide lots of team utility. Specifically, the “new” weapon, DP27 LMG, is capable of destroying soft walls. With a large magazine of over 200 bullets, he brings so much more to Rainbow Six Siege than he used to.

Even though his LMG can destroy surfaces, he also has the option of using the 9x19VSN submachine gun. His secondary weapon options are the PMM handgun or the GSH-18 handgun. When it comes to his choice of gadgets, Tachanka can use barbed wire or proximity alarm, which complements his kit. Similar to Zofia, the new Tachanka rework also grants him the Withstand ability. This lets him self-revive when downed.

New Ability, Shumikha Launcher

Shumikha Launcher is a grenade launcher that shoots incendiary grenades. Excelling at denying space and objective control, the 10 shots held and 5 round magazine mean lots of options are available. Because of the bounce from the projectiles, Tachanka doesn’t need a line of sight to control the map. Currently, fans believe he holds too much power with so many charges on the Shumikha Launcher.

Fans waited years for an update to expired defender Tachanka. Since his release years ago, he hasn’t been able to contribute much to the game, especially in Rainbow Six Siege esports. Tachanka and his rework will go live during Operation Shadow Legacy on after a few weeks of testing. In order to examine the new changes, the rework goes live on PC’s test server tomorrow. It’s likely that more changes will go through until the Tachanka rework release date.

Written by Justin Amin


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