June 16, 2020

Overwatch’s Mei is the next Heroes of the Storm character

Overwatch hero and climatologist, Mei-Ling Zhou has been announced as the next playable character for Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. Mei is equipped with her signature ability Blizzard, Icewall, and other various moves. She is a hearty tank that excels in crowd control, zoning, and survivability. At the center, Mei is still the Overwatch […]

October 9, 2019

Epic Games will not suppress player’s free speech

Epic Games founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, comes forward saying that Epic Games supports the rights of Fortnite players and creators to speak about politics and human rights. Sweeney’s statement comes close on the heels of Blizzard banning Blitzchung, a professional Hearthstone player, for one year. The player attended a post-match interview wearing goggles and […]