September 29, 2020

VALORANT Patch 1.09 nerfs Reyna, Jett, and Operator

New details about the upcoming VALORANT Patch 1.09 was released on Riot Games’ official website. This update features nerfs for Jett, Reyna, and the Operator, as well as buffs for Brimstone and Viper. Patch 1.09 is here with Operator nerfs, changes to jump peeking, and updates for Omen, Viper, Reyna, Jett, and Brimstone. Read all […]

September 29, 2020

Major Operator nerfs in next VALORANT update

Riot Games developer Nick Wu explained that VALORANT’s Operator, commonly called the Op, will see major nerfs. This information comes from an interview with Team Liquid’s Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson where they spoke about what’s next for VALORANT.  Operator Nerfs and Changes Given that it’s become something players hated to see, it was time for […]

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