Team SoloMid makes huge comeback at PUBG DreamHack Showdown
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May 13, 2020

Team SoloMid makes huge comeback at PUBG DreamHack Showdown

The PUBG DreamHack Spring Showdown was truly one of the most anticipated events of the year and did not disappoint. Team SoloMid emerged victorious from the top three teams on the final day of the event. Team Liquid was beaten by the underdogs and left fans around the world in shock. Before the playoffs, TSM also came in as the eleventh seed. Nobody predicted such an outcome. It was a David and Goliath match up. Fans all over the world expected the top seed to emerge as the champion, but TSM had other plans.

Warm Up Rounds

There was nothing eye-catching in the first half of the series. The team had a slow start as they only accumulated 4 points in the first half. The rhythm of the game quickly changed because of Alex “Vard” Gouge and his critical plays. He made sure to get crucial kills for his team, racking up a huge number of points.  But the last day is when excitement overflowed. This is when TSM’s competitive nature really came out, having a 15-kill match to increase their standings. Everything went smoothly after that as they finished the event on a 78-point swing. It was a performance unheard of in the PUBG esports scene.

PUBG Dreamhack Spring Showdown TSM

Image credits to PUBG Corporation

TSM wins PUBG Dreamhack Showdown

In the final game, TSM had sufficient points to maintain the lead. The tension between TSM’s members decreased as they knew they were near the finish line. Many did not expect this scenario in the end and fans held their breath for a long period of time. Teams continued to go back and forth against each other without taking a really decisive advantage. Vard and Christopher “Fexx” Wheddon did their best to get their team in position. With a collective effort, TSM finished with a 10 point lead. It was devastating for Team Liquid, especially for Thierry “Kaymind” Kaltenback, who did his best while accumulating 17 points.

TSM has come back from their long vacation in playing PUBG and only started playing again in April. This proves that there will be more exciting matches in the future featuring TSM. An important message from this esports event, any team from the bottom can rise to the top with the right amount of determination.

Written by Craig Bolin

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