Matchmaking Open for VALORANT Players
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July 30, 2021 Matchmaking Open for VALORANT Players

Games matchmaking company announced it will now extend its free services to VALORANT. Founded by James Duffield, Tom Russell, and Stuart Crouchman, originally targeted the CS:GO esports community but has partnered with Riot Games for new matchmaking experience to players.

“Extending our platform to VALORANT felt natural considering the similarities to CS:GO and how VALORANT esports is exploding all around the world,” CEO James Duffield said on speaking about expanding its service to VALORANT,  We’re excited to see how the players react and, who knows, maybe we can help forge a future VCT Championship roster!” Matchmaking Algorithm

With outstanding success in CS:GO, wants to provide VALORANT players exclusive opportunities to find suitable teammates. Since VALORANT’s launch, Riot Games has been actively inventing ways to reduce queue times and match teammates with similar skills and goals. Providing players with teammates matching their skills, experience, and commitment can improve players’ ranking.

In team-based games like CS:GO and VALORANT, scaling up the ranks with ease means working together with a great team. uses an algorithm that allows players to quickly and easily discover players like them. It allows players to connect with ideal teammates who can play better together.

Entry of to VALORANT will help curb the growing toxicity by allowing players to avoid incompatible teammates. Participants don’t have to randomly play in solo queue anymore. Data from the company shows that they’ve already assisted 38% of registered users to connect with ideal teammates.

Growth of Teams to VALORANT

By combining in-game statistics with player survey data, can bring together players sharing ambitions, skills, and playstyle., the winner of the Clutch, Esports Insider’s pitch investment competition, has exponentially grown since its launch in 2019. It provides its matchmaking services to over 3 thousand CS:GO players every month.

When players sign up, the information they provide, including location data, skill level, and ambition, is used to match them with suitable teammates. With, players can save time by minimizing the time they use in screening for good players.

Written by Daniella Johnson

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