Tencent unveils 2019 PUBG Mobile viewership figures
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June 10, 2020

Tencent unveils 2019 PUBG Mobile viewership figures

At the PG Connects Digital conference, Tencent director of PUBG Mobile global esports James “JinHo” Yang unveiled PUBG Mobile 2019 viewership figures. It is always a big event when those numbers are public, as things depend on those, like sponsorships or players’ attraction.

For PUBG Mobile, revenue comes principally from the community. Every other income is more or less related to a games’ popularity. Diversity was also at the center of Tencent’s numbers as it is one of the most important goals for its popular game.

2019 PUBG Mobile Viewership

PUBG mobile esports tournaments registered more than 532 million views all around the world in 2019. In other words, fans watched over 56 million hours of PUBG Mobile content. Furthermore, 800 thousand players participated in official competitions, which means that over 1.7 million matches have been organized. These numbers put into perspective why 42 thousand teams already applied for spots in the PUBG Mobile esports scene.

PUBG Mobile community

Image credits to PUBG Mobile

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic also increased all esports viewership figures. Despite live tournament cancellations, PUBG Mobile is still adding more and more fans to its community. The creation of the online PUBG Mobile Pro League was done to follow the 2019 trend. In addition, the PUBG Global Championship 2020 and PUBG Global Series 2020 will propose an increased prize pool of $5 million each. This situation shows proof of a virtual circle beginning with viewership. More people are watching, creating more revenue, and improving the overall esports.

PUBG Diversity Figures

During this conference, diversity in gaming was the focus point. For example, PUBG Mobile is available in 21 different languages, with more to come. Additionally, James showed a map showcasing region preferences regarding PUBG Mobile platforms. On one hand, European and North American players are heavily focused on playing with a computer. On the other hand, South American and Indian players would rather play on the mobile version.

Image credits to PUBG Mobile

A few weeks ago, Tencent made a statement about massively investing in technology infrastructures over the next five years. Developing these technologies will be important to accommodate players all around the world and gather a worldwide fanbase. Tencent perfectly used the PGC conference to showcase its 2019 success in terms of PUBG Mobile viewership and diversity, as well as teasing plans for the future. PUBG Mobile players can rest assured, their favorite game will stay for a while.

Written by Charles Fuster

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