TenZ leaves Cloud9’s VALORANT team to stream
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January 13, 2021

TenZ leaves Cloud9’s VALORANT team to stream

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo revealed on January 12 that he won’t be playing VALORANT esports for Cloud9 anymore to focus his time on content creation, specifically streaming on Twitch.

Even though the Cloud9 Blue team just lost one of its biggest stars, TenZ decided to remain under the C9 jersey as a content creator. At least, he won’t be playing as a competitor in a near future. His explanation as to why he took such a decision also showcases a potential return soon.

TenZ Leaves Cloud9 Blue

TenZ is still early in his VALORANT esports career with only nine months of official play. However, he still managed to gather a community that likes his skill and personality. While he was averaging 449 viewers per stream in April 2020, more than 12 thousand people now regularly watch his performance on games like VALORANT, CS:GO, and League of Legends.

Playing with Cloud9 Blue opened a new door for TenZ in terms of Twitch viewership. When combining this with his preferences, he decided to take a bet and quit VALORANT esports.

“I have so much support from the fans for my stream, for my YouTube and everything,” said TenZ. “I’ll be putting in 100% to make the best content.”


The deciding factor of this decision was how the competitive format changed because of the ongoing pandemic. Multiple lockdowns forced players to come back to their families and play online formats in different countries and continents. In the case of TenZ, he was constantly playing with 60 milliseconds of ping against opponents that boasted lower ping.

Of course, there is also the pleasure of sharing a competitive environment with both teammates and fans in huge arenas. Still, fans of the Cloud9 Blue VALORANT esports team can hope for the future as TenZ mentioned that he would return if LANs come back into the equation. He may even look at the competitive scene with more interest. Nonetheless, it also means that Cloud9 will have to replace him on its starting roster, which can be tricky at this time of the season.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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