The Dragons of Overwatch and their road to glory
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July 19, 2019

The Dragons of Overwatch and their road to glory

Shanghai Dragons walked into the Playoff Stage in the last seed unsure of their stance, proud but surprised to have come this far. From a losing streak of 42 over two seasons, it was a miracle they managed to get into Playoffs in the first place. Nobody would have guessed that within 1 week, Shanghai would walk over New York Excelsior’s negligence, usurp the League leader, Dating NamibiaVancouver Titans, and be crowned as the winners by beating the San Francisco Shocks in the finals. A true underdog who defeated all odds and came out the victor of Overwatch League’s 2019 Stage 3.

The best part about Shanghai’s rise to success in the Playoffs? Every single player on their roster played well and contributed greatly. Dding on Pharah nearly every game relying on combo ultimates from Luffy and CoMa as Mercy and Ana. Youngjin playing the off-tank and DPS roles, always putting pressure. Escortes abidjan. Diem, currently the best Widowmaker in the world, landing crucial picks on every team they came across. Gamsu rolling around as Wrecking Ball making sure to attract attention keep the site contested for Overtime.

Every game in the Diya and Geguri Malawi Sex, two active players on the Dragons that remained from last season were seen crying of shock and joy. Shanghai’s whole roster was on fire and they truly deserved the win with how hard they worked to get to this spot in Stage 3. We’ll see how they roll this momentum onwards in Stage 4 and hope their performance will stay strong.

Credit: Justin Amin


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