The popularity of extended reality for virtual sports rises
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July 30, 2020

The popularity of extended reality for virtual sports rises

Extended reality came in many years ago and its popularity is rising. Tech stores and conventions proudly boasted their virtual reality hardware. Many companies invested massively in this technology to gain an advantage over the competition.

However, only early adopters had an advantage with this tech and the masses did not show much interest. VR equipment was not as cheap and comfortable as it is today. Now, numbers are finally clicking as the VR market shows large signs of progress, according to Sportstacular.

Extended Reality (XR)

With technological progress, homes become more and more suitable for long stays. It is a rational choice between having the same experience in the comfort of a home or outside. This generation of young Americans spends more time at home than ever. But there is a need in finding a way for these people to stay healthy.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is also a huge factor keeping Americans off the streets. Innovative methods needed to be found to replace a game of tennis or a running session. This is where extended reality comes into play. Extended reality refers to all forms of real-and-virtual combined environments.

Online content benefitted greatly from the pandemic and companies are finally starting to see extended reality as a potential alternative. Virtual reality rhythm game BeatSaber, for example, registered more than two million copies sold in May 2020.

VR, AR, and MR

Nonetheless, preventing health issues is not the only focus of extended reality. To stay on the business side, employees benefit greatly when equipping staff with virtual reality equipment. Aside from being able to communicate better, meetings and company activity can be done to a greater effect thanks to XR technology.

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Traveling is another serious part of the package. Considering that many can’t afford to travel, especially during a pandemic, the alternative of XR tourism can attract many eyes.

Extended Reality

There are three types of extended reality available on the market than can used to achieve different means. Virtual reality creates a whole environment thanks to a display placed in front of someone’s eyes. Augmented reality uses the subject’s field of vision to add information. Finally, mixed reality is a combination, retaining positive aspects of both techniques.

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Other technologies support extended reality, including artificial intelligence, biomechanical modeling, motion tracking, digital therapeutics, and machine learning. Extended reality will soon gather thousands of companies providing the best experience possible to consumers.

XR Sports and Esports

Being able to play whatever sports one wants by simply putting on enhanced equipment will drastically change this generation. Some companies are already well known in this area like Cybersports and its training simulations. There will come a time when esports can begin entering virtual reality as well. Although virtual reality esports will take longer than VR gaming to implement since replicating competition will be challenging.

Image credits to Sportstacular.

Virtuix is another XR force growing rapidly in this business. Invented by Jan Goetgeluk, the Virtuix Omni system offers full control and movement in a virtual reality environment. This might be the next technology breakthrough as the VR gaming space continues to grow.

All of these companies understand an important point. A large number of modern industries will be disrupted by extended reality. The consumer market for XR is even expected to reach $18 billion by 2023, showcasing its importance in the world. It will be exciting to see how evolving XR tech grows VR gaming.

Written by Charles Fuster

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