The top of the Twitch Streaming Charts in August
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September 10, 2019

The top of the Twitch Streaming Charts in August

One of the best metrics to understand the current trends in gaming are the Twitch Streaming Charts. So many things can be learned from simple bar graphs showing where most viewers are in a given month — as long as you know where to look.

With Ninja officially moved over to Mixer, he has naturally dropped off the Twitch charts. While the popular Fortnite player had fallen from his consistent position at the top of the charts before he moved, not having his name appear on the list still doesn’t feel right.

New data from SullyGnome, in partnership with StreamElements, allows us to pull back the curtain on the Twitch charts and make some interesting inferences based on the data.

The Twitch top streamers on Twitch Streaming Charts

World of Warcraft Classic shoots Asmongold to the top

The release of WoW Classic set the gaming world on fire. Ex-WoW players crawled out of the woodwork fueled by nostalgia for the game many once were thoroughly addicted too. While many people were playing the game, many more opted to watch streamers play instead. Asmongold was the largest benefactor and he saw his average audience jump from about 25,000 in June to well over 50,000 through August.

Fortnite’s decline makes for a more varied chart

For a while, these charts felt like maps of the biggest Fortnite streamers. When the game was riding highest about a year ago it was absolutely dominating the charts. Now only one Fortnite streamer is in the top five. While Tfue continues to challenge Asmongold for the top spot, only NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman managed to crack the top ten for Fortnite streamers. That stills gives Fortnite the most streamers dedicated to the game, but still shows a decline from previous charts.

Seven categories are represented in the Top Ten

That’s a pretty healthy ecosystem for gaming and shows that many categories have their own individual leaders driving engagement. Many of these streamers also dabble in other games but the one listed makes up the majority of their time on Twitch.

What were the top games on Twitch in August?

Even more than the top streamers, the game charts show massive trends across the industry.

The International Shoots Dota 2 up the Charts

This data accounts for The International in Dota 2, the biggest esports event of the year. TI9 shot the game up to number three with a crazy 73 percent growth rate month over month. Dota 2 is really a game that revolves around one major tournament every year. It shows that The International carries major weight in the prize pool and in viewership.

Fortnite is down, but still holding steady

The Fortnite World Cup saw a lot of attention turn to the game in July. Epic Games is encouraged that there wasn’t a major dip in viewership for the month after. Despite the BRUTES wreaking havoc on the game and directly causing part of that Minecraft uptick in the charts, Fortnite is still the top game and seeing a modest decline in viewership.

Minecraft and WoW show classic games still hold weight

The two biggest winners from the last month were classic games that have been around for more than a decade. WoW had a revival through the new classic mode that was released and Minecraft became a popular choice for Fortnite streamers who were getting tired of the game. CouRageJD, who was mentioned in StreamElements write up, was just one of the major Fortnite streamers who began playing Minecraft with consistency.

Teamfight Tactics is dropping like a rock

Riot Games looked like they had another smash hit after Teamfight Tactics opened up to insane viewership. Unfortunately, like most games to top the Twitch Streaming Charts, climbing to the top is only half the battle. Staying on top proves much more difficult for a variety of games. TeamFight Tactics appears to be the latest casualty of the notoriously fickle gaming audience. At least they are still leading strategy games like Hearthstone, MTG, and Auto Chess.

Credit: Mitch Reames

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