Through the Eyes of the DPS: Junkrat
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May 9, 2020

Through the Eyes of the DPS: Junkrat

Explosives-obsessed international criminal Jamison Fawkes, better known as Junkrat, is Roadhog’s friend in crime and Overwatch’s leading demolitionist. In Overwatch, the character is a heavy-hitting projectile damage hero who can easily wipe out a team and make quick getaways. Junkrat is equipped with explosives and traps. However, with the heavy damage he dishes out, he can quickly fail because of his vulnerability. Junkrat is one of the few heroes with a health bar of 200, which makes playing him problematic. With this Junkrat guide, players will learn how to play through the eyes of the DPS. Any player will grasp his unique abilities and start mastering Junkrat soon.

In terms of personality, Junkrat only seeks destruction and chaos to follow his desires. The anarchist began wreaking havoc in Overwatch since the games’ release back in 2016. Junkrat’s been bombing and blowing up banks left and right, stealing the riches with his departure.

Junkrat DPS Guide

Stacking Concussion Mines

Players can propel themselves with a concussion mine by standing on it and detonating it. The direction is determined by where the player stands around it. Once detonated, a player will be launched up in the air and given an aerial advantage. Junkrat is equipped with two concussion mines with an ongoing cooldown at all times. That means if a player throws one on the floor and waits for the other concussion mines to replenish, the player can boost themself up to three times.

To successfully stack mines and boost Junkrat, the player needs to throw one concussion mine on the ground and wait until the cooldown is over. Detonating the mine, quickly aiming down, and throwing another mine to jump is a Junkrat staple. Players can use this method to get over buildings, fly in for an aerial bombardment, or travel through the terrain.

Trapping Efficiently

Successfully trapping with Junkrat during a game can be nearly impossible because of how easily enemies can see Junkrat’s traps. To counter the traps’ weaknesses, players should always find small alleyways to trap. They can set up traps and hide them through walls to make it look less obvious. This tip increases the players’ chances of catching someone. If some people want to go the extra mile, putting a concussion mine on top for an easy kill on a less tanky enemy is the way to go.

Learning Trajectories and Ricocheting

Junkrat’s health is his biggest weakness since he’s a glass cannon. To play around his weakness, learning about his grenade launcher, in terms of drop off per meter, is important. By learning how far players can reach with an angle, they can hide behind bridges, rocks, obstacles, and more while damaging enemies and staying safe. But to go the extra mile, ricocheting is a major advantage. Ricocheting Junkrat’s grenades off surfaces damages and kills enemies from unsuspecting areas. Additionally, players will be safe from retaliation damage if they rebound correctly. Pairing these two methods will help keep Junkrat players out of harm’s way and deal out consistent DPS.

Image credit to Overwatch.

Using RIP-Tire Strategically

Most players play Junkrat as a frag-only hero, but he is also one of the best enablers for any team. Enemy shields from Reinhardt, Orisa, and Sigma are destroyed quickly with a barrage of his grenade launcher or RIP-Tire. He can deal lots of damage very quickly, creating openings for his team. Instead of using Junkrat’s ultimate ability strictly for Player of the Game, using it to enable your team to push by taking out enemy healers or tanks can prove very successful. By doing this, an instant vantage point for a team can be created.

Overall, Junkrat is one of the best damage heroes in Overwatch. He dishes out damage at such a high rate that it makes him a flanker, enabler, fragger, and disruptor. With the tips and tricks in this Junkrat guide, any player can create destruction like him.

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Written by Jay Hunter

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