Through the Eyes of the DPS: Widowmaker
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March 6, 2020

Through the Eyes of the DPS: Widowmaker

A sniper who never misses in Overwatch, Widowmaker, also known as Amélie Lacroix, is a villain taking down heroes from afar. Widowmaker can give players their saving shot or their sharp blow depending on which side she’s on. A part of the set of heroes released on Overwatch’s original debut, this Widowmaker guide takes players through the eyes of a DPS.

Overwatch’s Widowmaker is a character not suited for just anyone. Her mechanics are one of the hardest to master. For even professional players, her set makes things difficult when it comes to playing as a team’s offense. The difficulties lie in her weapon, Widow’s Kiss, a sniper/SMG weapon that takes expertise to control and use. Players will have to aim down, trace, and track their targets as they move. And they can’t miss or they alert all enemies of Widowmaker’s presence and location.

Widowmaker Abilities

What keeps enemies away and creates space between her and her opposers is her abilities. Widowmaker is equipped with Grappling Hook, a slingshot hook that propels Widowmaker in the direction she launches her hook. Grapple Hook is great for reaching high places and leaving hot zones.

To keep her alerted, Widowmaker is equipped with a Venom Mine ability that secures an area when placed. Venom Mine is excellent for warding off areas that may have intruders. When an enemy passes through a Venom Mine, Widowmaker will be instantly alerted with a heat signature through the walls.

Her ultimate ability is Infra-Sight, which gives Widowmaker and her whole team the ability to see any enemy outlines through anything. With the help of Widow’s Kiss and aligning targets, Infra-Sight is a light-hearted term for wallhacks. Infra-Sight only stays active while she stays alive, so her survival maximizes its value.

Tips and Flicks

Widowmaker is one of the hardest Overwatch heroes to learn, but with some tips and tricks, learning how to get to sniper spots and hit those shots will be a breeze.

Positioning Wisely

There are no particular great spots in Overwatch when it comes to positioning. It’s all about the situation and what is happening. Playing as Widowmaker shouldn’t be about how many shots a player can hit, but how many kills a player can get with those shots. Positioning Widowmaker in locations to eliminate vulnerable characters like Mercy or Ana is the goal. There are apparent spots that are better than most, but in different situations, everything could change and flip. The best a player can do with Widowmaker is distance themselves enough to have an escape route and cover to snipe. Ideally, a position with cover, an escape plan and clear sight on the backline of the enemy team are best.

Grapple Hook Swing + Widow’s Kiss Shot

With the right jump timing, players can use this technique to Grapple Hook, propelling themselves in the direction they hooked. If they pair the Grapple Hook swing with an aimed shot, they can surprise their enemies with a bullet in the head. This airborne combo will surprise any prepared team.

Taking Advantage of Friendlies

As bad as it may sound, baiting a player’s team to use as a distraction is the best asset a Widowmaker player can get. Not only will this create chaos when a player’s team enters the objective, it also provides teammates with constant damager per second.

Overwatch Widowmakers should start sniping when the enemy focuses on the player’s team. This strategy provides time to pick out enemies while the opposers react to what’s in front of them. And the enemies can’t do anything about assassinating Widowmaker with a fighting force right in front of them.

For years, Widowmaker has daunted players all around the world with how much skill people needed to succeed. But times change and heroes get more comfortable. This ultimate guide will help any aspiring Widowmaker main to improve their sniping strategies. Remember, “one shot, one kill.”

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Written by Jay Hunter

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