TSM announces $50 million esports performance center
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April 15, 2020

TSM announces $50 million esports performance center

North American esports organization, Team SoloMid, recently announced a $50 million performance center. TSM‘s new esports facility will be located in Los Angeles, USA. The performance center will be comprised of a content studio, fitness center, Lenovo lounge, and more.

TSM Facility

TSM’s esport performance center is the biggest of its kind boasting a whole 25,000 square feet. The space offers TSM’s professional players all the services they could ever need. Their facility brings all kinds of features, each of which serves its own purpose.

Content Studio

A content studio consisting of high tech equipment for TSM content creators and brand partners will be provided. This gives a rare opportunity for creators, therefore allowing them to make innovative content for the esports and gaming audience.


TSM also features a space for the most significant influencers around the world, wherein those individuals will be able to connect and stream with their audience.

Team SoloMid Fitness Center

Striving for players’ health, TSM’s fitness center is designed by Heart & Hustle to ensure everyone’s physical health remains optimal.

Lenovo Lounge

The Lenovo lounge is one of a kind when it comes to reviewing, evaluating, and focusing strategically. Teams and players will use this space for game planning, reviewing VODs, and match preparation.

Merchandise Store

The TSM facility also stars a merchandise store where all branded clothing and items can be purchased.

Wellness Center

To keep players on top in all aspects, TSM will have an area explicitly targeting esports wellness. Their wellness center takes a holistic approach to health and well-being. It’s equipped with the latest therapeutic devices to help players refocus, regain perspective, and recharge.

Open Office Space

The open office space is exactly how it sounds. TSM’s facility holds a large area for the current 60 employees across multiple departments. This design help productivity and comfort, thus giving employees a better aim at excellence and innovative ideas.

Team SoloMid Players Cafe

TSM’s player cafe showcases chefs and nutritionists to give them high-quality meals that provide that additional boost for physical health.

Scrim Rooms

TSM features a practice space dedicated to allowing players to refine and enhance their skill within their scrim rooms. The area features top-notch hardware and technology.

Coaching Rooms

Equipped with large screens and high-tech analytical devices, the coaching rooms provide only the best of strategic preparation, reviewal, and gameplay analysis for TSM players.

TSM Stage

Lastly, the TSM Stage is the perfect area for gatherings or events thanks to the large auditorium it features with stadium seating.

Overall, TSM’s performance center is a cut above the rest in terms of excellence. Outfitted with everything a professional player needs, TSM will undeniably scale upwards with the amount of luxury players are presented with upfront.

Written by Jay Hunter

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