Uconnect Esports and MSI partner for 2021 esports
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January 8, 2021

Uconnect Esports and MSI partner for 2021 esports

Gaming sponsorship marketplace and esports organizer Uconnect Esports announced its partnership with MSI. The technology corporation has joined forces with Uconnect to launch a collegiate esports program for 2021. The program will support various areas in the collegiate scene and aid in its growth, including in the upcoming Collegiate Rising Winter. Additionally, it will provide individuals with opportunities to step into the industry through its partnership with Space Productions.

Uconnect Esports x MSI 2021

The partnership with MSI seeks to build up its collegiate scene by supporting college events, organizations, and on-campus esports facilities. Subsequently, initiatives made possible by Space Productions will introduce paid internships. An example of this is Uconnect’s paid broadcasting internship for students to work on professional events alongside industry mentors.

“We’re incredibly excited to be working with a company with so many established ties and amazing initiatives in the collegiate space,” Dylan Liu, CEO of Uconnect Esports said. “MSI has ambitious plans for their support of collegiate esports moving forward and we’re honored to be a close partner in building MSI Student.”

MSI begins the Uconnect Esports partnership with its student Discord, the first stage in scholastic program efforts. The new Discord server will serve as an informal and communicative hub for current and upcoming events. Specifically, Collegiate Rising Winter, Uconnect’s digital esports summit, and Collegiate Rising’s career fair on January 9.

Collegiate Rising Winter 2021

The second Collegiate Rising digital esports summit goes from January 8 to 10. Lasting three eventful days, the event will feature esports veterans, brands and professionals from all over the industry. Everyone will work together to educate students, faculty and esports fans on various topics. The event is divided into three days where each day focuses on a specific side of the industry with hourly intervals of panels.

Day one of Collegiate Rising Winter 2021 is titled College Open House and lasts roughly three hours. It centers around collegiate esports and communities. It holds a kick-off segment and five panel discussions. The second day focuses on careers and path-making. Career Day will dive into various esports career paths with professionals from each area of expertise. Lasting four hours, there will be five informative panel discussions.

On the final day of the Uconnect Esports event, the event ends on the competitive side of the industry. Esports Experience will educate individuals about professional gaming, what it takes to become a professional player, tips and tricks and more. Starting with a Rocket League tournament, the final day features two panels that last four hours.

Uconnect Esports partners with MSI for Collegiate Rising

Image credit to Uconnect Esports.

Building the Future

MSI and Uconnect Esports are ecstatic to start their partnered journey with the esports program. Both are equally driven to provide opportunities for the collegiate space and grow the esports scene.

“MSI is committed to providing resources towards the academic and professional development of students,” Cat Tompkins, Program Manager of Esports and Education at MSI, stated in a release. “We are pleased to partner with Uconnect Esports to ensure that esports programs and the students they support will have the tools to develop and grow their programs.”

Overall, it’s amazing to see collegiate esports blossom and continue to do so with the help of major brands. Now that the industry has received worldwide recognition for its tremendous growth in the past couple of years, the next step is to grow grassroots initiatives. With this partnership paving the way for new and upcoming individuals in the industry, it means that esports will keep growing.

Read more about Collegiate Rising Winter 2021 and how to watch on their website.

Written by Jay Hunter


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