Ultimate champions at Defend the North 2019
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July 23, 2019

Ultimate champions at Defend the North 2019

Out of 437 contestants, Ezra Morris AKA Samsora of eUnited placed first in Defend the North 2019.

Samsora only lost three games the entire singles tournament: two to Eric Weber AKA Mr E and one to David Leon AKA SpS LeoN. With nine wins and zero losses along with a ninth-place finish in doubles, he walked away a true champion.

Samsora consistently finishes near the top eight and top four at every event he attends and taken down big names along the way — including Mr E at this tournament. With EVO coming up soon, he seems to be in mid-season form and ready for another victorious outing.

He’s definitely got the confidence.

And that was before Defend the North even began.


Mr E and Tyler Martins AKA Marss took the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Doubles victory home from Defend the North 2019. They faced off against Daril German AKA Sinai Don and Paris Ramirez AKA Rogue Light in the Winners Final, the Grand Final and the Grand Final Reset.

Mr E and Marss swept Don and Light in the Grand Final Reset 3-0 and did the same in the Winners Final. The Grand Final was much closer, however, with a 3-2 match set favoring Sinai Don and Rogue Light. ZWescort

The first loss Sinai Don and Rogue Light took in the Winners final sent them down to face Darius Hill AKA Djb Laid and Alan Soriano AKA Ho3K Gen in the Losers Final. Sinai Don and Rogue Light swept 3-0.

Credit: Mitch Marowitz

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